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Circuit Court

The Howard Circuit Court is the original court of the County created when Howard County was organized in 1844. The Court has general jurisdiction over criminal and civil cases, and exclusive jurisdiction over all juvenile cases. The Court has established a Problem Solving Juvenile Program providing drug rehabilitation, mental health treatment, and re-entry services for juveniles. The Judge serves as chief administrator for the Howard County Office of Juvenile Services and the Robert J. Kinsey Youth Center.

All filings must be submitted to the Office of the Howard County Clerk. A pleading may be filed in one of two ways: (1) by e-filing it; or (2) by delivering a hard copy of it to the Clerk. All pleadings submitted by an attorney must be e-filed.

    The Howard County Clerk assumes no legal responsibility or liability for the information contained herein which is provided "as is" with no warranties or guarantees of any kind.

    To search any court dates on non-confidential cases, the following website should be utilized: Case Search - MyCase (

    DISCLAIMER: The Howard County Clerk is providing this hearing date information as a public service and a convenience to anyone who is a party to proceedings in Howard County Courts. The information provided herein is taken from official Court minutes. However, please take note that: (1) confidential cases such as juvenile, paternity, etc. are not included; and (2) there may be pleadings or documents filed with the court not yet entered on the court minutes. Therefore, it is your sole responsibility to verify dates and times with your attorney or directly with the Court.

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