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Social Services Block Grant

Social Services Block Grant
OFFICE: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services

Status: Closed

The Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) program works to assist residential domestic violence programs in providing emergency shelter to survivors of domestic violence and their dependents. Allowable expenses include:

  • Maintaining residential services and adequately meeting the needs of survivors in crisis, as well as those of their dependents.
  • Following best practice standards in the maintenance of domestic violence shelter facilities.
  • Providing access to emergency shelter and support services to survivors of domestic violence.

Priority is given to non-profit private organizations that, as their primary purpose, operate shelters or provide counseling, advocacy, and self-help services to victims of family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence, and their dependents. Public social service entities, non-profit organizations, and non-governmental organizations that provide residential services to victims of domestic and family violence may apply for funding. SSBG grantees must protect the privacy and confidentiality of those being provided services and adhere to all the requirements outlined in the request for proposal.

  • Projects Funded


    Number of Awards: 28
    Total Amount Awarded: $500,000


    Award Recipient

    Project Description

    Award Amount


    YWCA Northeast Indiana

    YWCA Northeast Indiana’s Crisis Shelter has 66 beds available for individuals or families who leave a domestic violence situation.



    Columbus Regional Shelter for Victims of Domestic Violence, Inc.

    Turning Point's Emergency Residential Services Program provides residential shelter services in a five-county region to victims of domestic violence and their dependent children who are experiencing temporary homelessness due to intimate partner violence.



    A Better Way Services, Inc.

    The program provides shelter and services to survivors of domestic violence, family violence and dating violence, and their dependents, including the provision of basic needs such as bed space, emotional support and transportation.



    Hope Springs Safe House, Inc.

    The program provides emergency and longer-term safe housing for victims of domestic violence and their children, and serves Fountain, Warren, Benton and surrounding counties.



    Family Service Society, Inc.

    Hands of Hope, a division of Family Service Society, Inc., currently operates a 24-hour emergency shelter for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence and their children.



    Sheltering Wings Center for Women

    The program provides victims’ transition toward self-sufficiency: Phase 1 –Emergency Shelter (45-day stabilization program), and Phase 2 – Progressive Care Shelter (6-month+ comprehensive life skills program).



    Family Service Association of Howard County, Inc.

    The purpose of this project is to use the SSBG funding to maintain Family Service Association's Domestic Violence Shelter and its programs for the purpose of serving survivors and their dependents who are in need of emergency shelter.



    North Central Indiana Rural Crisis Center, Inc.

    This project will continue providing a safe, stable environment for primary and secondary victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and homelessness. It will provide basic amenities, food, shelter, and clothing to assist in temporary re-establishing themselves independently.



    Jennings County Council on Domestic Violence

    JCCDV operates an emergency shelter for survivors of domestic (intimate partner) violence and their dependents. Our emergency shelter project exists to ensure survivors fleeing dangerous homes have a safe and secure place to stay.



    Kosciusko County Shelter for Abuse, Inc. DBA Beaman Home

    Kosciusko County Shelter for Abuse, Inc. (KCSA, Inc.) provides essential services in both residential and non-residential settings to victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. We serve victims and survivors living in the north central Indiana counties of Kosciusko, Fulton and Marshall.



    St. Jude House, Inc.

    St. Jude House is a 40-bed family violence prevention center and shelter, which serves an average of 500 victims of domestic violence annually.



    Haven House, Inc.

    Haven House, located in Hammond, was established for domestic violence victims and their dependents to access safe shelter 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Haven House’s primary service area is Hammond, East Chicago, Whiting, Munster, Griffith and Highland.



    Stepping Stone Shelter for Women, Inc.

    Stepping Stone's fully secured emergency shelter provides 24/7 crisis intervention and temporary housing for adult victims and minor dependents of domestic violence, sexual assault, human trafficking or other forms of intimate partner or family violence.



    Alternatives Incorporated of Madison County

    This project supports emergency shelter services for domestic violence survivors and their children. Core services of the program include food, clothing, personal care items, and emergency and essential transportation.



    The Julian Center, Inc.

    The Julian Center’s emergency shelter program is part of our larger continuum of care, which offers emergency shelter, collaborative advocacy, legal assistance, short-term and long-term housing assistance, and self-sufficiency programming.



    The Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army Women and Children's Center's (WCC) vision is to see homes free from violence and the stabilization and growth of WCC residents by providing emergency shelter to survivors of family violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and their dependents.



    Middle Way House, Inc.

    SSBG funds will be used to provide shelter for adults and families fleeing interpersonal/domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, human trafficking, and related crimes. The cost of a "shelter night" includes utilities, security, direct service staff hours, meals and supplies for residents.



    Family Crisis Shelter

    Family Crisis Shelter is seeking funding to assist with the cost of bed nights while residents are staying at the shelter. This funding helps FCS to maintain shelter facilities and residential bed-nights to serve survivors of intimate partner violence and to meet the needs of survivors in crisis.



    Desert Rose Foundation, Inc.

    The Desert Rose SSBG program will provide shelter and direct services to victims of domestic violence, family violence, and dating violence. Services will be provided to primary victims as well as their dependent children.



    Prisoner & Community Together, Inc.

    The Hoosier Hills Prisoner & Community Together Domestic Violence Shelter provides free emergency shelter to individuals who are victims of domestic violence and their children. The shelter is staffed 24/7 to offer supportive services and crisis intervention to victims. The shelter, as well as our six satellite locations, provide danger assessments, safety planning, case management, and community outreach.



    The Caring Place

    The funding will be used to maintain our domestic violence shelter so we can continue serving victims of domestic violence and their dependent children who need safe shelter.



    Safe Passage, Inc.

    Safe Passage is seeking funding to provide overnight stay/shelter nights that will help the organization provide safety and supportive programming to domestic violence victims and their children in their multi-county southeast Indiana service area.


    St. Joseph


    YWCA North Central Indiana

    The YWCA will continue operating the only comprehensive emergency residential shelters located in Elkhart and St. Joseph Counties to victims of domestic violence, and their children. The emergency shelter provides bed nights, safety and security, meals, and basic necessities to these victims.



    YWCA Greater Lafayette

    YWCA Greater Lafayette proposes continued support of our emergency shelter program. YWCA operates a 30-bed, nine-bedroom shelter in the heart of downtown Lafayette in Tippecanoe County.



    Albion Fellows Bacon Center, Inc.

    The shelter program provides emergency residential and supportive services to victims of domestic violence and their dependents.



    YWCA of Evansville, IN, Inc.

    We provide services on a 24-hour/365-day basis. Our typical client faces homelessness, unemployment, lack of a support network, extreme poverty, and a lack of resources to provide for the needs of her children. While clients are under our roof, we provide necessities such as food, clothing, and personal care items so that they can concentrate on stabilizing their lives.



    Council on Domestic Abuse, Inc.

    The funding will be used for shelter nights at the Council on Domestic Abuse’s emergency shelter for those seeking asylum from domestic violence and sexual assault.



    Genesis of Richmond, Inc.

    Genesis is a safe haven that provides shelter for victims of domestic violence and their children. We provide a safe environment along with three meals, family style living, laundry facilities, playrooms for children, individual shower facilities and an outdoor safe area for adults and children. All basic needs items are provided for residents (clothing, hygiene, etc.).