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In the wake of a criminal act, victims and their families often need information, resources and support. As the administrators of the Indiana Violent Crime Victim Compensation Program, ICJI is committed to helping individuals who suffered bodily injury recover and move forward.

Before starting your application

The Indiana Victim Compensation Program was established in 1978 as a fund of last resort to financially compensate innocent victims who were injured as a result of a violent crime. In the case of death, dependent relatives may be eligible for compensation. Victims and claimants who meet the eligibility requirements may receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of wages and other unforeseen costs related to the crime. To find out if you may be eligible for compensation, please review the requirements below.

Who is eligible?

✔ Innocent victims of a violent crime.

✔ A surviving parent, spouse, dependent child or other legal dependent of an innocent victim who has been killed as a result of any violent crime.

✔ A person who was injured or killed trying to prevent a violent crime or giving aid to a law enforcement officer.

Recent change: Starting July 1, 2022, family members of victims who have paid a portion of funeral or burial costs and children who were eyewitnesses to the crime but were not physically injured are eligible for compensation.

Who is NOT eligible?

⦻ A victim who DID NOT receive a physical/bodily injury as a result of the crime.

⦻ A victim who DID NOT incur $100 in out-of-pocket expenses for treatment of that bodily injury.

⦻ A person injured in a crime that DID NOT occur in Indiana.

⦻ A person who sustained an injury while participating, attempting or committing a criminal act.

⦻ An individual who is incarcerated at the time of their assault.

Additional eligibility requirements

Additionally, a victim must meet the following conditions to be eligible for compensation:

✔ The crime must have taken place in Indiana.

✔ The crime must have resulted in bodily injury or death.

✔ The victim must have incurred a minimum of $100 in out-of-pocket expenses.

✔ The crime must have occurred within the past two years.

✔ The crime must have been reported to the police within 72 hours.
Exception: Starting July 1, 2022, victims of sexual assault who have had a forensic exam conducted DO NOT have to report the crime to law enforcement.

✔ The victim or survivors must have been cooperative in the investigation and prosecution of the crime.
Exception: Starting July 1, 2022, victims of sexual assault who have had a forensic exam conducted are eligible for compensation, whether or not they choose to involve the police.

Indiana Code defines a violent crime as a felony or Class A misdemeanor that results in bodily injury or death to the victim.

Covered Expenses

A maximum award of $15,000 may be available to help cover expenses resulting from any one injury or death. Medical expenses must be incurred within two years of the crime. On top of that, an additional $5,000 can be used to recoup funeral and burial costs.

By law, the program is a payer of last resort, which means applicants are compensated for covered expenses that have not been and will not be compensated from any other source. You are still legally responsible for the payment of your bills associated with the crime. Filing an application does not prevent service providers from taking collection steps against you. If you application is approved, you will be reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.

Apply for Compensation

You can file a claim either online or by submitting a paper application. Since the paper application must be mailed or hand-delivered, the fastest and easiest way to apply is online. It is unnecessary to submit medical bills or police reports at the time you file your application, as additional information will be requested throughout the investigation process.

Applications must be filed no later than two years after the crime occurred.

Apply online

File a PDF claim: If applying online isn't an option, PDF applications can be mailed or hand delivered to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute at: Indiana Government Center South, 402 W. Washington Street, Room W469, Indianapolis, IN 46204. They can also be faxed to: 317-232-7103.

Download a PDF application or Descargar aplicación en español

Still have questions?

If you have questions about completing the application or if you are an organization that would like to request application forms, please contact the Violent Crime Victim Compensation division at:

Want to know the status of your claim? Claimants can check on the status of their claim by logging into the online system using their assigned claim number and four-digit PIN, or by calling the toll-free number and asking for their assigned claims analyst.

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