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Rulemaking Docket

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Current Rulemaking Docket

Pursuant to Indiana Code § 5-2-6-5 granting ICJI with rulemaking authority, ICJI may adopt administrative rules as necessary in order to carry out its purposes and duties.

An administrative “rule” is defined as the whole or any part of an agency statement of general applicability that: (1) has or is designed to have the effect of law; and (2) implements, interprets, or prescribes: (A) law or policy; or (B) the organization, procedure, or practice requirements of an agency. Ind. Code § 4-22-2-3.

Rule NameRule DescriptionRuleNotice of IntentPublic HearingEconomic Impact StatementOther Info/NoticesComment
LSA #22-230: Adoption of 205 IAC 4Adds 205 IAC 4 to outline the process for the investigation, review, determination, and hearing of applications for compensation filed with the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute in accordance with IC 5-2-23.View Adopted Final RuleView NOIView Notice of Public HearingView Economic Impact Statement Comment period closed.
LSA #21-202: Readoption of 205 IAC 1 and 205 IAC 2Readopts 205 IAC 1 and 205 IAC 2, in their entirety and without amendment, providing requirements for slow moving vehicle emblems and public safety improvement areas.View Readopted
Final Rule
View NOIN/A  Comment period closed.

Comment on a Proposed Rule

Comments on a proposed rule are accepted via mail at: 402 W. Washington Street, Room W469, Indianapolis, IN 46204.

Public comments are also accepted at the public hearing as required by Ind. Code § 4-22-2-26.

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