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You must be a registered user in IntelliGrants to enter a funding application. Please allow enough time to register to meet the deadline for submitting an application.

To apply for funding through ICJI’s IntelliGrants system, both you and your organization must be registered. Registration is a two-step process. Carefully read and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Registering Your Organization

If your organization has not directly received funds from ICJI after July 1, 2018, it will first need to register in IntelliGrants. For example, all agencies that fall under a single local government are considered one organization in IntelliGrants.

Step 2: Registering Users

After the initial registration is approved, the IntelliGrants administrator for your organization may add users. Multiple departments or agencies that fall under a single local government, for example, may need to work through one IntelliGrants administrator to register users and assign roles. Everyone who signs ICJI grant agreements must be a registered user and learn how to make electronic signatures in IntelliGrants.

Roles are required to complete various sections of the online application. Carefully review the various types of roles available in the IntelliGrants System and select the one(s) most appropriate for you. A description of the roles is available on page 6 of the Subgrantee User Manual.

Next Steps

Once the needed users are registered and approved, an organization is ready to submit applications for ICJI funding availabilities. To begin an application in IntelliGrants, a subgrantee administrator or subgrantee project director should:

  1. Click the My Home button at the top of the page.
  2. Click the View Opportunities button in the View Available Proposals section.
  3. Find the grant opportunity and click the Apply Now button.

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