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Law Enforcement Training


During the 2021 legislative session, the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute was charged with distributing funds to Indiana police agencies as part of a Law Enforcement Training Grant program, which was established to help back fill some of the revenue lost due to the elimination of the handgun permitting fees. In order to administer the program, ICJI has been working with agencies across the state to certify the handgun permit revenue collected under IC 35-47-2-3.

Payment Information

For agencies that have already certified their totals, ICJI has processed your payment. Funds will be sent through an Automated Clearing House to either your agency directly, your local clerk/treasurer, or to your local auditor’s office. The payments are usually visible 10-14 business days after the information has been entered by ICJI.

For a list of agencies that have verified their totals and to see the reported amounts, click here. For information about allowable expenses, please view the Law Enforcement Training Grants Policy by clicking the link below.

Spending policy

Handgun Permit Revenue Certification Form

For agencies that have not yet verified the handgun permit revenue collected in 2020 under IC 35-47-2-3, please fill out the online form by clicking the link below. Once the certification process is complete, ICJI will work with the State Budget Agency to distribute the funding.

If you have any questions about the process or your payment, please email:

Online form

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