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State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup

The Indiana State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) consists of representatives from various state agencies. The SEOW’s primary responsibilities include the ongoing and statewide monitoring of substance abuse and mental health trends; identifying statewide prevention priorities; and disseminating research findings to policy-makers, state agencies, community organizations, and the general public.

SEOW Report

Indiana Indicators

This resource provides a focus on leading indicators—the ones deemed by experts to make the difference in a community's health and quality of life. Indicators can be found for individual counties.

Indiana Indicators

Management Performance Hub

Home for actionable data covering a variety of subject matter areas with Indiana State Government

Management Performance Hub

Arrest Dashboard

MPH partnered with the Indiana State Police to create a data visualization to better understand arrest rates by county and crime type. Law enforcement and communities can evaluate their individual situations to appropriately allocate resources and support.

Arrest Dashboard

Drug Overdose Dashboard

Developed by the Indiana State Department of Health, the dashboard provides information on county participation in prevention and harm reduction programs, information on patterns related to opioid prescriptions, information on hospitalizations and emergency department visits with billing for drug overdoses, and information deaths involving drug overdoses.

ISDH Drug Overdose Dashboard

Naloxone Administration Heat Map

Naloxone administered and reported by EMS providers throughout the state.

Heat Map

Stats Explorer

Developed by the Indiana State Department of Health, the Stats Explorer is developed and maintained by the Public Health Geographics (PHG) program within the ISDH Epidemiology Resource Center (ERC) division. PHG gathers information, adds geographic context and redistributes data in various formats as a resource.

Stats Explorer

Prevention Insights

County Epidemiological Data creates a "statistical picture" of a community. County Epidemiological Data will help you improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your prevention efforts and get better outcomes. Formerly known as Indiana Prevention Resource Center, Prevention Insights is the agency that conducts the Indiana Youth Survey, that LCCs can use for data collection and analysis.

County Epidemiological Data

  • Past Webinars

    Webinar Recordings

    Recovery Support Webinar: The Division of Mental Health and Addiction has a new data driven mission which will support the work of recovery support service needs and gaps for the state of Indiana. All gaps in recovery support services have been identified by people living with mental health and substance use disorders in Indiana and fall within SAMHSA’s dimensions of recovery purview. Three specific data sets focused on within this webinar will be the Indiana Recovery Council survey, the Recovery Support Workgroup Gap Analysis, and the Social Determinants of Health data for Indiana. Learn here how Indiana is driving national trends for recovery data collection and monitoring outcomes that drive quality recovery support for Indiana’s residents as a whole.

    Young People in Recovery: Young People in Recovery (YPR) brings peer recovery support services to communities through strategic partnerships and volunteer efforts. We hope that you will watch this informational presentation to learn more about YPR, their chapters, and their programs.

    Indiana Recovery Council Stigma Never Helps: The Stigma Reduction Campaign is when people with mental health and substance-use disorders encounter a person who stigmatizes them – uses language or behaves in a way that is critical, diminishing or dismissive about their illness – they feel shame. That feeling is a barrier to opening up about their condition and seeking support and treatment.

    The Stigma Reduction Campaign from the Indiana Recovery Council addresses the complex issue of stigma in an easy to understand way. "Stigma Never Helps" speakers are provided by the Indiana Recovery Council at no cost. In addition, the "Stigma Never Helps" booth with a representative is available for events. Contact "Stigma Never Helps" Project Manager at or 317-625-1129, or click here to visit their website.

    Crisis Intervention Team Webinar: Crisis Intervention Teams (CIT) establish community partnerships between law enforcement, mental health providers, and advocates to improve the response to a mental health crisis. Join us for this webinar presented by NAMI Indiana's Criminal Justice Director to learn about the benefits of CIT and how to bring this program to your community.

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