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The Behavioral Health Division is a new division to the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute that combines the important work of the Substance Abuse and Youth Divisions into a reorganized and streamlined single unit. The division cultivates collaboration at the state and local level to effectively address substance use, school safety and juvenile justice issues in Indiana.

The mission of the division is to increase resilience and foster recovery by supporting evidence-based programs and data-driven decision making. The staff focuses on linking resources and putting research into practice through collaboration, grant management, compliance monitoring, advocacy and coordination among regions and localities. The division also supports the work of local coordinating councils (LCCs) representing 92 Indiana counties. Each year, LCCs are charged with implementing comprehensive community plans that address substance abuse through treatment, prevention, and enforcement. The division lends leadership and expertise in the development of these comprehensive strategies to ensure that the resources needed to treat substance abuse are effectively targeted.

Behavioral Health Resources

documentThe Behavioral Health Division, working alongside local, state and federal partners, has compiled a list of webinars and resources on topics ranging from breaking the stigma to supporting youth in recovery to crisis intervention. Click the link below to learn more.

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