Egrants Registration


You must be a registered user in order to enter an application into Egrants. Please allow enough time to register in Egrants to meet the deadline for submitting an application.

In order to apply for funding through ICJI’s Egrants system, both you and your agency must be registered. In addition, you must be assigned roles. Registration is a three-step process. Carefully read and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Registering Your Agency

If your agency has never directly received funds from ICJI, you will need to register your agency. To register your agency:

Step 2: Registering Individuals

Once your agency is registered in Egrants, individuals that will enter information in Egrants, or be a contact for the proposed concept paper or application, must register. Register by following the steps outlined in the Egrants User Manual

Note: During the online registration process, you will be asked to choose a User ID and a Password. Please retain this information in a safe place for future reference. Egrants Support does not have your password.

Step 3: Assigning Roles

Once you and your agency are registered, roles can be assigned to you. Roles are required in order to complete various sections of the online application or concept paper.

  • Carefully review the various types of roles available in the Egrants System and select the one(s) most appropriate for you. You may have more than one role. A description of the roles is available in the Security Roles Guide.
  • When you have decided on the roles appropriate for you, request the roles within the Egrants system through the User Management menu on the home screen.
  • Follow the instructions provided in the Egrants User Manual to complete the user roles request.
  • Please allow several business hours for the requested roles to be assigned to you.  Once the roles have been assigned, you can begin working in Egrants.

Next Steps

After the requested roles are approved, you can apply for funding through Egrants. 

Please Note:

  • The Project Director, Financial Officer and Primary Contact identified on the main summary page must be registered Egrants users and associated with your agency with at least one security role. Each person to be named in the grant must complete steps 2 and 3 (shown above) before you can complete the application.
  • Egrants requires that the Project Director, Financial Officer and the Primary Contact be at least two different individuals. The Project Director can also be the Primary Contact or the Financial Officer can also be the Primary Contact, however, the Project Director and Financial Officer cannot be the same person.
  • These users must also have security access to the specific Grant ID number in order to access it. If the individual’s name does not appear in the dropdown list as a selection for the Project Director, Financial Officer or Primary Contact, then the individual is not a registered user with security access to the grant. To remedy this, the individual must register in Egrants to obtain a User ID and Password and/or obtain appropriate security to the specific grant.