Title II

Under the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (JJDP) Act, the State of Indiana is awarded Title II Formula funds. ICJI is the designated state agency to administer the Title II Formula Grant.

The Indiana Juvenile Justice State Advisory Group (JJSAG) is the advisory body which establishes priorities for OJJDP funding. JJSAG makes recommendations to the ICJI Board of Trustees regarding funding under the Title II Formula Grant Program. Click here to view list of current JJSAG members.  

Each state is required under the JJDP Act to prepare a Three-Year Comprehensive Plan to set funding priorities and levels. Indiana's Three-Year Delinquency Prevention & Systems Improvement Plan outlines the types of programs and initiatives the JJSAG and ICJI Board of Trustees included as funding priorities for the state. Click here to view the 2012-2014 three-year plan.