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2022 State of the CityMayor Cooney headshot

Citizens of Southport, members of the City Council, Clerk Treasurer Newhouse, and Chief Vaughn.  Thank you for your service to our city. The partnership we have developed has continued to create progress for Southport over the last year.  I would like to take a few minutes to provide a yearend review of the activities in the city of Southport for 2022.

The highlight of 2022 has been the approval of a 4 story, 92 unit apartment building by the Redevelopment commission and the Southport city council. The total investment in the community will be $18 million.  A groundbreaking ceremony will be held in April or May of this year. In addition to building a new apartment building at the Davidson lumberyard site the bond that was used to purchase the lumberyard site was paid in full in December 2022.  Great news for the citizens of Southport.

The Southport Police Department continued to keep Southport safe while assisting IMPD and Beech Grove with runs throughout the year.  1 new police car was purchased locally from Ray Skillman Ford. The National Night Out event held in August was very well attended by the community this year.  There was great involvement by local vendors providing food and prizes for the event.  The police department also organized and staffed the Shop with the Cop program as well as the Santa in the City event in December.  Santa and the Grinch rode in vehicles throughout the city passing out candy canes to children and citizens.

The Board of Public Works and Safety continued improving infrastructure within Southport. The city applied for and received another Community Crossings Grant from the state of Indiana to in the amount of $327,328.50 to repave Southfield drive as well as repair and improve stormwater infrastructure along the street.  Additionally, a plan has been developed to add stormwater infrastructure to South St as well as a sidewalk on the south side of the street.  Both projects are scheduled for completion in 2023.  The city received ARP funds in the amount of $199,000, which will be used to help pay for the South St project.  Improvements to the Community center in 2022 included a new vinyl plank floor in the community room.  The floor looks great and helps mitigate the echoing of voices.  The Indianapolis Department of Public Works was contacted regarding exposed rebar on the Derbyshire bridge over Buck creek in April.  The bridge deck was patched within a week after our phone call to DPW by Chief Vaughn.

The Clerk Treasurer, Alissa Newhouse and Jane Vaughn, Chief Deputy Clerk Treasurer, continued watch over the budget and the city’s finances in 2022.  A new budget was prepared and approved in the Fall by the city council providing opportunities for growth in 2023.  The state mandated that new fund numbers be established using 4 digits.  This change was implemented in the fall.  As mentioned, the city received approximately $199,000 of ARP funds for use in repaving streets and stormwater infrastructure repairs.  
The Redevelopment commission’s efforts to develop the old Davidson lumber property at 2110 E Southport Rd paid off in 2022 with the signing of the development agreement with Rebar Development.  An additional task was to handle the rezoning of the property on behalf of the city and the developer.  The rezoning hearing will occur in 2023.

The new Board of Zoning Appeals was established by ordinance in 2022.  Now Southport will hear variance petitions instead of the Metropolitan Development Corporation of Indianapolis.  The initial meeting of the Board of Zoning Appeals will take place in January 2023.

The Parks board was able to have a full schedule of events this year-Easter Egg Hunt, Independence Day Parade, Fall Festival, Trunk or Treat, and Christmas in the Park.  The 4th annual car show occurred at the Perry Township Schools Academic center in September.  The event was well attended by individuals showing their cars and folks coming to see the variety of cars and trucks on display.  It was a great opportunity for the city of Southport to shine and show off its amenities.

I want to thank our city employees, the City Council, Clerk Treasurer, Chief Deputy Clerk Treasurer, Police Chief, and all the volunteers who give of their time and expertise by serving on the city Boards and Commissions as well as volunteering at city events.  The City of Southport is a better place in which to live due to the city staff and volunteer efforts of its residents.

Thank you all. To the citizens of Southport, I am honored to continue to serve you as your mayor.

May God Bless the City of Southport.

Jim Cooney, Mayor
City of Southport

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