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Talent Talk: December 2020

Indiana eLearning Lab Connects Educators and Families to Virtual Learning

Published December 17, 2020 by Amber Robinson, Communications Coordinator for Indiana Office of Career Connections

Has technology made our lives easier or more complicated?

Advances in technology have undoubtedly made routine tasks like washing dishes, pumping gasoline and paying for purchases more efficient. However, parents, students and teachers trying to navigate the world of e-Learning while juggling careers, extracurricular activities and home lives may argue technology has made life more challenging.

Because of COVID-19, schools across Indiana and the U.S. have had to pivot from traditional in-person instruction to virtual or remote instruction but transitioning to e-learning has not been easy for educators or families. With technology comes a variable learning curve and some degree of uncertainty.

“When Covid-19 came about, educators and families were looking for answers to so many questions including, ‘How do I use all of these tools that are needed in virtual learning?,’ said Senior Director of Strategy for Five Star Technology Solutions April Harper.

“The Indianapolis E-Learning Fund came together to create a solution for that and partnered with the State Educational Technology Directors Association (SETDA), Five Star Technology Solutions, and The Mind Trust to carry it out.”

As more students make the transition from traditional to virtual classrooms, teachers, parents and caretakers are asking more questions. The Indiana eLearning Lab aims to answer those questions by offering free lesson ideas, weekly eLearning webinars and open community forums for Hoosier educators and families.

Parents and teachers can find engaging lesson ideas for a variety of grade levels and subjects that also promote valuable soft skills like collaboration and creativity. They can also access resources to learn more about navigating the different platforms or websites they may be using. Additionally, a live chat function staffed with experts is also available weekdays 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. to assist those with questions about virtual teaching.

Thanks to the generous support of the The Mind Trust, Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation and numerous others, this resource is available free of charge. Visit the Indiana eLearning Lab at and take a deeper dive into the Lab's features by signing up for a virtual demonstration.

Since launching in July 2020, the Indiana eLearning Lab has served approximately 4,100 Hoosiers.