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Securing Indiana's Pork Supply

Follow the links below to enroll and learn more about specific preparedness programs

Why participate? Enrolling in these programs is important because participation could safeguard Indiana’s pork industry by minimizing the long-term impact of a foreign animal disease.

Get Prepared Now

The following links provide resources to complete each step.

Understand the Response Process (Foreign Animal Disease Timeline)

Register for DUNS and SAM to be eligible for federal payment

Use electronic Certificates of Veterinary Inspection

Validate Your Premises Identification Number

Prevent Disease

A foreign animal disease (FAD) is an animal disease not known to exist in the United States or its territories. These diseases have potential significant health and economic impacts on America's livestock industries. The following resources provide general information about these diseases.

ASF and other foreign diseases can be spread by people, vehicles, pests, and potentially feed ingredients. The following resources offer proactive steps for prevention.

Report Sick or Dead Feral Swine to USDA Wildlife Services
Contact Indiana's USDA Wildlife Services Biologist at: (855) 386-0370 or

Recommendations and Resources for Swine Veterinarians and Producers during Market Disruption

General Guidance for Swine Producers During Market Disruption

Securing Indiana's Pork Supply Status Report

Action Steps

Number of Premises Completed

Premises Validation*


Biosecurity Assessment & Training


Certified Swine Sample Collector Training


Securing Indiana's Pork Supply Meeting with BOAH


Electronic Movement Permit Training


Completed All 5 Steps


*BOAH validates swine premises by utilizing county parcel records and global reference data to assure the premise's address is the 911 location of the hogs. We pinpoint geo-coordinates on the verified farm location, update animal owner and premises owner information, identify any affiliation with an integrator or animal health management company, categorize the production type and site capacity, and create barcodes for the producer. BOAH's goal is to accurately link the correct 911 location, to the correct hogs and correct owner information 100% of the time.