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Securing Indiana's Pork Supply

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Recommendations and Resources for Swine Veterinarians and Producers during Market Disruption

General Guidance for Swine Producers During Market Disruption 

Use These Preparedness Resources:

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Securing Indiana's Pork Supply Status Report

Action Steps

Number of Premises Completed

Premises Validation*


Biosecurity Assessment & Training


Certified Swine Sample Collector Training


Securing Indiana's Pork Supply Meeting with BOAH


Electronic Movement Permit Training


Completed All 5 Steps


*BOAH validates swine premises by utilizing county parcel records and global reference data to assure the premises address is the 911 location of the hogs. We pinpoint geo-coordinates on the verified farm location, update animal owner and premises owner information, identify any affiliation with an integrator or animal health management company, categorize the production type and site capacity, and create barcodes for the producer. BOAH's goal is to accurately link the correct 911 location, to the correct hogs and correct owner information 100% of the time.