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Cattle: Dairy & Beef

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Click here for the requirements to bring cattle into Indiana.

Pre-entry Permit

Cattle are required to have a pre-entry permit before entering Indiana. Permits may be obtained online or over the phone.

Pre-Entry Permit Online


Call BOAH toll-free at: 877-747-3038, Mon-Fri from 8 a.m.- 4:30 p.m.

Movements Out of Indiana

Before moving animals to another state, always call the state-of-destination for that state's requirements. Click here for a list of other state animal health offices.

NOTE: Official ID is required for: dairy cattle of all ages, beef cattle 18 months of age and older, and all cattle going to exhibitions. Breed tattoos and registration numbers are NOT valid ID for interstate movement, because Indiana has no reciprocal agreements with other states.

Disease Information

Reportable Diseases
Bovine Tuberculosis
Brucellosis (USDA)
  • Indiana requirements for brucellosis vaccination:
    Calves shall be vaccinated only by a licensed, Category II accredited veterinarian with an approved reduced dose vaccine, while between 4 - 10 months of age (120 - 299 days of age).
Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Vesicular Stomatitis (USDA)
Q-Fever Fact Sheet

Health & Biosecurity

Biosecurity Basics for Dairy Farms
Best Practices for Medication Use in Animals
Composting Guide for Dead Cattle
Dairy Drug Residue Information
Dead Animal Disposal

Traceability and Identification

Helpful Web Links
Indiana Beef Cattle Association
Indiana Professional Dairy Producers