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eCVI Tutorial Videos

The Indiana State Board of Animal Health (BOAH) has created tutorial videos on how to use Indiana's Electronic Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (eCVI). Indiana's eCVI is a PDF document that BOAH can email to veterinarians licensed in Indiana.

Contact BOAH for the IN eCVI Master Template, a new version is available.  

Video: Small Animal eCVI Tutorial (YouTube)

Video: Large Animal eCVI Tutorial (YouTube)

Video: How to Sign & Save an eCVI (YouTube)

Video: Airline Travel Information on an eCVI (YouTube)

Video: eCVI Template Use & Management (YouTube)

Video: Common Pitfalls Using the eCVI (YouTube)

Video: How to Sign, Save, and Email the eCVI (Version 3.2) (YouTube)

Video: Common Pitfalls and Tips Using the eCVI (YouTube)

Video: Pets Too Young for the Rabies Vaccination (YouTube)