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Animal Health Reporting System

Indiana maintains a list of reportable diseases; however, other, non-reportable health events (often without a confirmed diagnosis) occur from time to time. Frequently, BOAH receives anecdotal information about these events, but previously did not have a formal way of gathering, sorting and analyzing data.

The animal health reporting form on this page is intended for animal industry professionals to make reports. Information provided will assist BOAH in general animal health monitoring and detecting patterns or trends in a developing situation. By assimilating this information, BOAH may be able to advise veterinarians, shelter operators and others about disease threats and, potentially, protective actions to keep diseases from spreading.

NOTE: This form is NOT for reporting animal neglect and/or abuse cases. (Contact local animal control and/or law enforcement agencies to report suspected cases.)

Diseases listed on the state's official reportable disease list should continue to be reported as described on reportable disease list, not here.

Please click the link below to fill out the Animal Health Reporting form.

Animal Health Reporting Form