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International Travel

International and Export Travel

Several federal agencies oversee the movement of animals into and out of the United States in addition to state governments. Links listed below provide resources for verifying health requirements for international movements. Be sure to check with the state of destination and contact your airline/carrier for specific requirements they may have.

Other State Animal Health Offices (Interstate Shipping Requirements)

Please review specific requirements by country and species before calling/submitting.

International Exports

Animal owners should work with their licensed and accredited veterinarian to complete this process:  USDA Veterinary Services has protocols for moving animals out of the United States. USDA offers these methods to submit export certificates for approval:


    1. READ the Pet Travel Guidance for Pets Traveling to Another Country from the United States, a step-by-step process to guide you and help you prepare for traveling with the pet, including obtaining endorsement.
    2. VISIT the APHIS Pet Travel Website to get detailed information about the destination country's health requirements, including necessary paperwork.
    3. SUBMIT the required paperwork given below. The veterinarian should choose Option 1 or Option 2, not both.

    Option 1: Use the Veterinary Export Health Certification System (VEHCS). VEHCS can save time and money when submitting paperwork, including the health certificate. All countries allow the use of VEHCS to submit the health certificate for endorsement. An accredited veterinarian typically does this process.

    Option 2: Ship the paperwork to USDA. Use the shipping address for the USDA Endorsement Office in Wisconsin (see above), which serves Indiana. Include The Pet Owners Checklist for Shipping Health Certificate(s) to a USDA Endorsement Office with the paperwork to ensure that all required documents are in the shipping package. Submitting an incomplete package will cause delays. Be sure to plan ahead to allow adequate time for shipping and processing once received.