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Plan Review Guidelines for New Plants

Blueprints for facility layout and equipment must be received and approved before construction begins.

Plans should include:

  1. Layout design

    1. Size and configuration of facility

    2. Separate rooms

    3. Lighting and ventilation (exhaust fans)

    4. Doors & outer openings, drains, floors, walls, ceilings (materials used)

    5. Hand wash sinks, restrooms, break rooms, etc.

    6. Surroundings

  2. Water

    1. Supply (well, city, other)

    2. Cross connections - backflow preventers, vacuum breakers, etc.

    3. Glycol and sweetwater tanks

  3. Waste disposal

    1. Municipal or private

    2. Compactor or dumpster

  4. Piping

    1. Product

    2. CIP

    3. Cross connections

    4. Design & material

  5. Equipment

    1. HTST, UHT, HHST, and Vats

    2. Fillers

    3. Silos and Tanks

    4. Design, materials, and manufacturer

  6. Coolers

    1. Locations

    2. Size

    3. Temperature recording devices

Plans should also include the name, address and phone numbers of any consultants, architects, contractors, subcontractors and other approving government agencies.