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Grade A & Manufactured Grade Products Processing Plants

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Indiana's dairy processing facilities vary widely in size, capacity, distribution areas and product lines. The very smallest produce small quantities of artisan cheeses by traditional methods on the farm. Some of the largest producers of commercially labeled ice cream and fluid milk process and package their products in Indiana to ship throughout the country under internationally known brand names.

Regardless of what is produced, or how it is made, all dairy products offered for sale must be from an approved, inspected source. Unpasteurized (raw) milk cannot be sold legally directly from a farm. Likewise, farm-produced dairy products, including cheese, butter and yogurt, may be sold only from facilities licensed and inspected by the State Board of Animal Health.

All facilities, regardless of size and capacity, receive the same level of inspection by BOAH staff to ensure that the handling practices are safe, the equipment is clean and sanitary and the products are wholesome to protect the consuming public.

Indiana Dairy Buyer's Guide (list of local dairy processors)

Information for Processors

Single Service Container Manufacturing

Single service container manufacturers must ensure their products meet food-grade product standards; therefore, these facilities are inspected by BOAH regularly to verify that their production processes meet federal standards.

Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) (see Appendix J)

Application for Permit to Handle Milk and Milk Products (State Form 36560)

Export Certificate/Certificate of Free Sale

Firms exporting products from Indiana are often asked by importing states, foreign customers or foreign governments to supply a "certificate" for products regulated by BOAH. The certificate is a document prepared by BOAH that contains information about a product that describes and or attests to product safety, production, processing methods or sanitation of processing plant. Before an export certificate can be issued, the exporting party must have a current Permit issued by BOAH and have a current inspection report on file without any outstanding critical orders. If the requirements are not satisfied BOAH will not issue a certificate.

No fee is charged by BOAH for this certificate.
NOTE: Requests for an Apostille are forwarded to the Indiana Secretary of State office after the Affidavit of Free Sale process has been completed. The Indiana Secretary of State office charges a $2 fee per document. When requesting an Apostille the exported product(s) country-of-destination must be provided.

Export Certificate Guidelines
NOTE: Please review these guidelines before submitting an application. A sworn affidavit must be submitted with application.

Request for Certificate of Export/Free Sale of Dairy Products
NOTE: BOAH requires a minimum of 3-5 business days after receiving a request for certificate for processing.

If you need to obtain certificates for products not manufactured in Indiana refer to the USDA certificate of free sale contact list at:

Laboratory and Drug Residue Testing

Processor Resources

Milk and Milk Product Handler Permits

Application for Permit to Handle Milk and Milk Products (State Form 36560)

Certified Industry Plant Sampler Application

Exam Guide

Types of Permits:

  • Grade A Milk and Milk Products Processor
  • Manufactured Grade Milk Products Processor
  • Milk and Milk Products Distributor
  • Single Service Container Manufacturer
  • Milk Transfer Station
  • Milk Receiving Station
  • Grade A Truck Wash Station

Who Needs These Permits?

  • Grade A Milk and Milk Products Processor - any facility in Indiana producing Grade A milk products such as bottled milk, yogurt and cottage cheese will need to apply.
  • Manufactured Grade Milk Products Processor - any facility in Indiana producing manufactured grade milk products such as cheese or ice cream will need to apply for this permit.
  • Milk and Milk Products Distributor - any Indiana facility with cold storage units for storage of dairy products for distribution will need to apply for this permit.  If you have other food storage and are under the jurisdiction of the Indiana State Department of Health, you do not need to obtain a BOAH permit.
  • Single Service Container Manufacturer - any Indiana facility manufacturing single use containers, caps, lids, etc. for use in an IMS dairy processing facility must apply for this permit.
  • Transfer Station - an Indiana facility that transfers milk from one tank truck unit to another for transportation.
  • Receiving Station - any Indiana facility that receives, collects, handles, stores, and further prepares for further transportation.
  • Grade A Truck Wash Station - any Indiana facility that washes permitted Grade A milk bulk route/tank trucks and is not otherwise permitted as a Grade A facility.

Note: If you are an out-of-state processor or distributor wishing to distribute dairy products in Indiana for sale, we do not require you to be permitted in this state.  We do, however, require that you be permitted and in good standing with your state regulatory agency.  We also require that you be listed on the Interstate Milk Shippers with satisfactory ratings if you are a Grade A processor.

Note: If your dairy product sales are retail only you will need to contact ISDH and/or your county health department for approval and permits.

Permit Period: Permits expire every year.


  • Submission of permit application to BOAH
  • Facility construction plans if building or remodeling existing facility, along with a Milk Handler Facility Construction/Modification cover form
  • Satisfactory water sample(s) if applicable
  • Facility inspection and approval
  • Depending on specific permit type, laboratory facilities, personnel and test procedures may be required to pass inspection and approval
  • Facility will be routinely inspected after approval
  • Product samples will be routinely collected after approval if applicable