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List of Licensed Renderers

Licensed Livestock Carcass Disposal Facilities in Indiana

(updated February 2024)
Please note limitations on pickups.

NOTE: FDA regulations require the prevention of drug residue in products derived from rendered material. All species of animals euthanized with barbiturates, including pentobarbital, cannot be rendered and should be separated and identified if pickup has been arranged. Preventing Pentobarbital Residues (National Renderers Association)

EQUINE OWNERS: Some renderers may reject equine euthanized via barbiturates in order to comply with FDA regulations. If rendering equine is the best option, consider other methods of euthanasia. Alternative Euthanasia Protocols for Large Animals (Wisconsin Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory)

Darling Industries, Inc.
Substation at Plymouth, IN
574/936-2144 or 800/342-5610

Farm pick-ups, only cattle, hogs, horses and chickens

Graver Livestock
Oswego, IL
Email: Website:
Pick-ups of horses mainly in Northeast Indiana; willing to travel farther

Griffin Industries, Inc.
Newberry, IN  

Chicken and Turkey only

Call for current service area

Homeward Bound Pet Memorial
Indianapolis, IN

Cremation for horses, llamas, pigs

Naturally Recycled Proteins of Indiana
Montpelier, IN

Chicken only

Standard Fertilizer Company (Renderer)
812/663-8391 or 800/742-9761

Serving South East, Central and East Central Indiana counties
Farm pick-ups; no exclusions. Will NOT pick up any animals euthanized via barbiturates; other forms of euthanasia must be used.

Trusted Journey
Montpelier, IN

Horses only, pick-up and cremate

Collection Services Licensed in Indiana

(updated April 2024)
Please note limitations on pickups.

Endsley Rendering

Miami County
No exclusions

Gerten Dead Stock Services

Northeast Indiana
Collects livestock, deer and poultry

Harper Dead Stock
219/552-0550 or 219/730-0086

Lake and Newton counties
Excludes sheep, deer, dogs and cats

Herd Pack

Only collects from slaughter establishments

Shipley and Son Farms
Bethel, OH

513/309-6658    Email:
Serves all of the state of Indiana, available 24/7.
All species, large and small, including cremation and private burial services.