New Farm Construction Plan Review Checklist


Application to Install or Modify a Milking System 

When a producer has applied for a permit to milk, construction and equipment plans must be submitted BEFORE construction begins. Completion of "Application to Install or Modify a Milk System" must also be completed. Approval of all plans and applications must be received before construction may begin. Plans should include the following:

  1. Blueprints should include:

    • milkhouse and barn dimensions & layout

    • location of windows and doors

    • restroom or utility room if applicable (restrooms must have self-closing doors)

    • finish on walls, ceilings and floors

    • drain locations & type (trapped)

    • location of light fixtures

    • cowyard location and size

    • cattle housing location, size and type

    • location and type of water supply

  2. Milkhouse requirements and locations:

    • wash vats and hand wash sink

    • light fixtures

    • bulk tank

    • hoseport

    • location of tube or plate coolers, if used

    • milk receiver group

    • water heater (adequate size and temperature)

    • heating and ventilation system (vent locations and exhaust fans)

  3. Water supply:

    • Type of well or supply

    • Type of stock water tanks or fountains

    • Use of vacuum breakers

    • Use of high pressure washers

  4. Waste Disposal

    • drain outlets (discharge to septic system?)

    • septic system (separate from barn system)

    • manure storage and handling (storage tanks, pits, lagoons, push-off area)

    • must meet all state and local health & plumbing codes

  5. Milking area:

    • Size and type of milk operation (barn, parlor)

    • Milking equipment used (design, materials, and layout-3A and PMO requirements)

    • Location of calf pens, maternity pens, horse stalls, etc (if applicable)