Dairy Farms

The Dairy Division permits and inspects the dairy farms in Indiana. A large portion of these farms are located in northern Indiana.

The Dairy Division has field inspectors located throughout the state that are responsible for conducting routine inspections of these farms. Dairy farms are required to be inspected a minimum of every six months; most are inspected more frequently as needed.

The majority of Indiana dairy farms are made up of the average family farm, milking 100-200 cows.  Indiana also has several major production farms with carousel systems milking 1000-2000 cows. Indiana also has several farms using automatic milking systems (robots).  However, Indiana still has several manufactured grade farms using milk cans for milk storage rather than bulk tanks or silos.

Indiana has several farms that process their own milk, in their own approved and licensed dairy products processing facility.  Some are operated as Grade A and some process as manufactured grade.

The majority of the dairy farms in Indiana milk cows, however there are some dairies milking goats.

Regulations vary between Grade A and manufactured grade, but regardless of size all farms receive the same level of inspection by BOAH staff to ensure that the milking practices are safe.

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Indiana Dairy Farm Stats

Grade A Farms = 1,046
Manufactured Grade Farms = 47
Total = 1,093

These dairy farms consist of a wide variety of operations.

Organic = 227
Automatic Milking Systems (AMI or Robots) = 21
Processing milk from their dairy animals = 8
Goat Dairies = 12

Dairy Farm Numbers and Inspectors by County (Indiana map) 
Updated 2017

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