Guidelines for Interstate Movement

Interstate Movement of Swine Within a Production System
Effective: January 15, 2003

In 2002, the United States Department of Agriculture passed a rule concerning interstate movement of swine within a production system. This move would make it less complicated and more economical for producers to move swine on a common and usual basis by eliminating the usual Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, permit and individual identification of pigs.

Indiana rules specifically required a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, permit and individual identification for interstate movement. In order for swine to move into Indiana under this option state rules were changed in January 2003 to accommodate the USDA regulation.

The Indiana Swine Health Advisory Committee agreed this state should go forward in modifying rules to make them compatible with the federal regulation.

Summary of the USDA regulation:

  • Producers must have a detailed, written swine production health plan (SPHP):

    • signed by the producer(s),

    • signed by the veterinarian(s) for the premises,

    • signed by a USDA/APHIS representative, and

    • signed by state officials in states in which the producers in the swine production system have facilities.

  • One or more accredited veterinarians identified in the SPHP must regularly visit each premise in the swine production system to inspect to test swine and continually monitor the health of the hogs in the production system. Swine may only be moved interstate if they have been found free from signs of any communicable disease during the most recent inspection of the premises by the swine production system accredited veterinarian(s).

  • The SPHP must describe a records system maintained by the producers to document the health status of the swine.

  • Prior to each interstate movement of swine between premises within a swine production system, an interstate swine movement report must be sent to:

    • the accredited veterinarian for the premises,

    • the exporting state, and

    • the importing state.

  • The Interstate Swine Movement Report must indicate:

    • name of swine production system, name, location and premise identification number of the premises of origin,

    • identification name and number of the destination premises,

    • date of movement, number and type of animals, description of any individual or group identification associated with the swine,

    • name of the swine production system accredited veterinarian(s),

    • health status of animals including any disease of regulatory concern, and

    • an accurate statement that the swine on the premises of origin have been inspected by the swine production system veterinarian(s) within 30 days prior to the interstate movement and consistent with the dates specified by the premises' swine production health plan and found free from signs of communicable disease.

The Interstate Swine Movement Report may be transmitted electronically, but the participating states must be notified prior to each shipment.

USDA requires a monthly listing of the swine movements within each production system.

Producers who wish to select this interstate movement option or have any questions, please contact the Indiana State Board of Animal Health, toll-free, at 877/747-3038.