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Does the Federal Identification Program apply to sheep and goats?

In Indiana, the Federal Identification Program applies to all sheep and goats, regardless of breed.

Do purebred animals have to have an official identification tag?

No, but producers must call the Indiana State Board of Animal Health and record their flock registration ID. Producers will also be assigned Premise Identification and a Flock Identification numbers; however, the flock identification does not have to appear on the animal as long as the registration tattoo is cross-referenced with BOAH. Animals identified by their registry tattoo traveling in the state of Indiana must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection with the registration tattoo written on it or the registration paper.

Whose name must the Premise Identification and Flock Identification be registered under?

The Premise Identification and the Flock Identification must be under the adult member of the family's name.

Do wethers need identification?

Wethers younger than 18 months of age must have identification for exhibition according to state law. However, they do not have to bear the official federal identification tag; they can have any type of tag as long as each animal is individually identified. Wethers over 18 months of age do require official ID.

What happens if my sheep or goat loses a tag?

If that animal is intended for 4-H exhibition, the owner must call the extension educator in his/her county. The extension educator may choose to replace the lost tag with an official federal identification tag or he/she may let the owner put in a new tag and cross-reference it in the producer records file. Notifying county 4-H officials of the new tag number is important, so the number may be cross-referenced in their file for future use (i.e., Indiana State Fair or other exhibitions).

I bought an animal from the sale barn and I don't know its flock of birth, what should I do?

Contact the sale barn where you bought the animal. Market operators are required to keep records of the animals moved in and out of their sale barns. Contact the owner from which you purchased the animal and ask if he/she knows the flock of birth. If the original owner does not know the flock of birth, you must write down that flock of birth is unknown. If this is the case, that animal may be sold as slaughter only.

What are the import requirements for sheep and goats into Indiana with the new Federal Identification Program?

Any sheep or goats entering the state of Indiana must bear official identification and be accompanied by a current certificate of veterinary inspection.

I don't have my registration papers back and I am using a registration tattoo as my official identification. I am ready to move animals, what do I do?

Contact you veterinarian to write a certificate of veterinary inspection.

I need to move my sheep or goats and I don't have my tags yet. What do I do?

Producers have three options to choose from in this situation:

  1. Contact your veterinarian. He/she should have tags that can be put in the animals you are moving;

  2. Producers can tattoo the flock identification number into the animals that will be leaving the premise; or

  3. If the veterinarian doesn't have tags, he/she should call the Board of Animal Health. The Board of Animal Health will supply tags to the veterinarian or producer in this situation.

Do I need to tag all sheep and goats?

No, only animals leaving the premise need to be identified. Wethers for sale or slaughter do not have to be identified if under 18 months of age. However, wethers for exhibition must bear some type of identification. (It does not have to be the official identification tag, but that option is okay for convenience purposes, if the producer prefers.) Wethers over 18 months of age do require official ID.

Which number, the Flock ID or the Premise ID, goes in the animal?

Only the flock identification number is required to be on/in the animal. The Premise ID (also called PREMID) is for BOAH office use only.

My goats have small ears and there is no room for a tag or tattoo?

Producers may use the flank and the tail for alternate locations to tag or legibly tattoo animals.

Can I use electronic identification?

Electronic identification (microchip implant) is allowed for breed-registered animals only. The microchip number must be noted on the animal's registration paperwork and the certificate of veterinary inspection. The animals must be accompanied by the registration paperwork. Producers are cautioned that this rule only applies in Indiana and may not be allowed in other states. Owners should contact the state of destination to be sure to meet that state's specific requirements.

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