Indiana Entry Health Requirements: Sheep & Goats

The following is a summary of Indiana's animal health laws governing the transportation of sheep and goats into Indiana. The transportation laws may be found at 345 IAC 1-3. For additional information, contact the Indiana State Board of Animal Health at (317) 544-2400 or click here to submit an e-mail inquiry.

Certificate of Veterinary Inspection

Required. Must be completed by a licensed and accredited veterinarian within the thirty (30) days immediately prior to the animal entering Indiana.

But, a certificate of veterinary inspection is not required for animals that are consigned for immediate slaughter or that are delivered directly to a slaughter establishment.


Sheep and goats that are infected with or that originate from a flock that is currently infected with scrapie may not enter Indiana unless the animal is delivered directly for immediate slaughter.



Other Requirements

Official individual animal identification is required for sexually intact sheep and goats of any age and wethers over 18 months of age. Individual animal identification is required for wethers less than 18 months of age.

For sheep and goat identification requirements go to:

Exhibition: If the animal is to be entered in a livestock exhibition in Indiana, see also the Indiana exhibition requirements. Exhibition Requirements.