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Sheep & Goats

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Owner/Hauler Statement

Untagged sheep and goats taken to a market/sale barn must be accompanied with an owner/hauler statement. (Wethers under 18 months of age are exempt.) Identifying sheep and goats with official ID, such as a scrapie tag, helps animal health officials trace individual animals to their premises of origin. Providing the market/sale barn with more info about untagged animals improves traceability of those animals.

Indiana Owner/Hauler Statement for Sheep & Goats
(NOTE: Sheep/goat owners do not have to use this statement, it is provided as an example.)

Sheep & Goat Entry Requirements

Click here for the requirements to bring sheep and goats into Indiana.

Movements Out of Indiana

Before moving animals to another state, always call the state-of-destination for that state's requirements. Click here for a list of other state animal health offices.

Scrapie Information

Scrapie is a fatal, degenerative disease affecting the central nervous system of sheep and goats. The name "scrapie" was derived from the characteristic scraping infected animals do to relieve itching. However, clinical signs vary widely and develop slowly. Ultimately, over a period of several years, as infection spreads and develops within a flock, the disease can render an operation economically unviable.

Scrapie/Federal Identification Program Information

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Indiana Exhibition Requirements

4-H Exhibition ID Facts

Health & Disease Information