List of Licensed Renderers

Renderers Licensed for Operation in Indiana

(updated June 2014)
Please note limitations on pickups.

Griffin Industries, Inc.
Newberry, IN  800/242-0465

Chicken and Turkey only

Call for current service area

Naturally Recycled Proteins of Indiana
Montpelier, IN 765/728-2510

Chicken only

Darling Industries, Inc.
Substation at Plymouth, IN 574/936-2144 or 800/342-5610

Farm pick-ups, only cattle, hogs and horses

Standard Fertilizer Company
812/663-8391 or 800/742-9761

Serving South East, Central and East Central Indiana counties
Farm pick-ups; no exclusions

Collection Services Licensed in Indiana

(updated June 2014)
Please note limitations on pickups.

Endsley Rendering 800/382-8877
Excludes sheep and goats
Miami County

Ken Harper 219/992-3688
Excludes sheep, deer, dogs and cats
Lake and Newton counties

Herd Pack/Matthew Gibson 502/314-8247
Harrison County
No exclusions