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Reinstating Your Driving Privileges

You can obtain information about the current status of your driver’s license by reviewing your driver record. The BMV offers two options to view your driver record:

  1. The Viewable Driver Record (VDR) allows you to view your driving record online at no charge.
  2. The Official Driver Record (ODR) allows you to download and print a certified copy of your driver record. The ODR certified copy includes a letter of certification from the BMV. Some employers and school admission offices require a certified driver record. The ODR is available for $4 and you may order it by sending a completed Request for Certified Records – State Form 53789 to the BMV.

Both the Viewable Driver Record and Official Driver Record indicate requirements to fulfill in order to reinstate your driving privileges. More information about driver records can be obtained in the Driver Record section.

Steps to Reinstate Your Driver’s License

STEP ONE: Understand Your Situation

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The Reinstatement Requirements section on your Driver Record shows the requirements to regain your driving privileges. You should review the Suspensions Information section for more information as you may have a court-ordered or administrative suspension, including insurance suspensions, with outstanding requirements.

If you have a court-ordered suspension, you must contact the court in which you were suspended to determine how to satisfy their requirements. The BMV will only accept documentation from the court in order to close a suspension, so contacting the court before you call the BMV should be your first priority. You may be able to stay the court-ordered suspension by obtaining SR22 coverage.

If you have an administrative (BMV) suspension, you should review your ODR to determine how to satisfy those requirements. If you have an insurance suspension and have proof of insurance for the vehicle and date in question, the suspension can be removed by having your insurance provider submit a Certificate of Compliance (COC) to the BMV. If you have an insurance suspension and cannot provide proof of insurance for the vehicle and date in question, you may be able to stay the suspension by obtaining SR22 coverage.

If you or your client has recently filed for bankruptcy and the filing includes an unsatisfied judgment that resulted in a driver’s license suspension, download the Bankruptcy - Judgement Checklist.

STEP TWO: Proof of Financial Responsibility

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Your insurance provider must electronically submit proof of financial responsibility directly to the BMV. Only your insurance provider can submit proof of insurance for you. The BMV does not accept insurance policy documents from drivers.  If you have an insurance suspension, submission of an SR22 from your insurance provider will allow you to regain your driving privileges and maintaining the SR22 for 180 consecutive days will terminate that insurance suspension. To regain your driving privileges for a Failure to Appear/Pay suspension, you may resolve the suspension with the court or submit an SR22 to stay the suspension.

Reinstatement Fee(s)

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Insurance reinstatement fees may be paid in full or you may choose to provide SR22 insurance to the BMV for 180 consecutive days, after which time your reinstatement fees will not be owed. The exact dollar amount for each suspension is within the Suspension Information section of your ODR. Reinstatement fees that are due will be indicated within the Reinstatement Requirements section, along with your reinstatement fee access code. You can pay your reinstatement fees by:

  • Logging into your myBMV account,
  • Calling 888-692-6841 using the access code found on your notice,
  • Via mail using the reinstatement coupon in the Reinstatement notice, or
  • Visiting one of our self-service BMV Connect kiosks.

If you do not have your reinstatement coupon, then you may download the Reinstatement Fee Submission Form.

Note: You may consider the cost comparison when deciding whether to pay the reinstatement fee instead of maintaining SR22 coverage for 180 days.

STEP THREE: Check Your ODR Status

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You should monitor your license status by periodically reviewing your ODR in your myBMV account free of charge. If your driver’s license was taken by law enforcement as a part of your suspension, then you will need to visit a BMV branch or order a replacement driver’s license by logging into your myBMV account.

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