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Traffic Amnesty: a driving privilege reinstatement opportunity program!

House Enrolled Act 1199 provides a traffic amnesty program to help reinstate driving privileges for Hoosiers who qualify. The program is managed through the court system and provides an opportunity for individuals to apply for a reduction in fees owed to the BMV. For more information on how to apply, please reach out to the local court system. If you are granted a reduction, the court will transmit a copy of the order to the BMV.

The BMV must receive the order directly from the court before any changes will be made to your record.


Your driving privileges can be suspended for multiple reasons. The most common suspensions are as a result of the following:

  • Courts can order the BMV to suspend an individual’s driving privileges.
  • State law requires the BMV to suspend a person's driving privileges for certain violations - including failure to provide proof of financial responsibility (insurance).

Are you an insurance agent who needs to submit paperwork for your client?

You will need to provide proof of financial responsibility to the BMV when your customer receives a request for verification.

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