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Transferring your Out-of-State Motorcycle License or Endorsement

New Indiana residents who held a valid motorcycle endorsement from another state may transfer that endorsement to their Indiana driver's license after passing a knowledge exam based on the Indiana Motorcycle Manual.

NOTE: If you hold an out-of-state Motorcycle Only license, the license will only be valid for a motorcycle endorsement. A driver knowledge examination and skills test must be successfully passed to obtain driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement.

View the Motorcycle Manual

Indiana has a process for recognizing approved safety courses completed in other states and all five branches of the military. An out-of-state applicant for an Indiana motorcycle license or endorsement must have completed an approved safety course no more than one year prior to applying for the Indiana license or endorsement. If you passed a motorcycle safety course in another state, submit the following information and documentation to

  • A copy of your Motorcycle Safety Course Completion document proving successful completion of motorcycle safety course dated within one year;
  • Good phone number to be contacted at

After Ride Safe Indiana (RSI) reviews the documentation, you will be contacted with further instructions.