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TSA HME Fingerprinting Service Locations

Fingerprinting services are not available at Bureau of Motor Vehicles branches. Instead, all hazardous materials endorsement applications and fingerprinting services are conducted at TSA-approved enrollment centers.

Indiana drivers can apply for a hazardous materials endorsement online or by contacting the Enrollment Center at 855-347-8371. You must complete the application before being fingerprinted. Once you have been approved for the hazardous materials endorsement, you may visit a branch to complete your renewal process.

Enrollment centers strictly enforce the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) HME Threat Assessment Program’s identity and citizenship/immigration documentation requirements. The name the applicant provides at enrollment must match what is on his or her documents unless there is a court-ordered document that links the different names. Please note that the common combinations of (1) driver’s license and (2) Social Security card or DOT medical card are no longer a valid combination of items to bring for enrollment. Many drivers have been through the TSA security threat assessment before and may not be aware of the new document requirements. Please review the requirements before visiting a site to be fingerprinted.