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Boat Fees & Taxes

Whether registering your watercraft for the first time or renewing your registration, you will need to pay the following fees and taxes:

  • Boat Registration Fee

    A boat registration fee is charged when the boat is registered for the first time in in Indiana and is charged each time the boat changes ownership. The fee amount due is determined by the sum of a fee based on boat length plus a fee based on the Excise Class of the boat.

  • Boat Registration Renewal Fee

    A Boat Registration Renewal Fee is charged each time the boat registration is renewed. The amount due is determined by the Excise Class.

  • Boat Excise Tax & Boat Excise Storage Tax

    Boat Excise Tax

    Customers operating their watercraft on Indiana waterways must also pay an boat excise tax. This is paid annually when the watercraft is registered.

    The amount of this tax is based on the watercraft class and age. The age of a watercraft is measured in years and is counted from the manufacturer's model year. The class of a watercraft is based on the watercraft price as determined by the manufacturer's original retail price when the boat was new.

    Boat Excise Storage Tax

    If a watercraft is held in storage rather than used on the waterways, a flat boat excise tax of $12 is owed. To declare that your watercraft has been placed in storage and pay excise storage tax rather than boat excise tax, you must present a copy of the storage contract or receipt from a storage facility. The contract or receipt must have a description of the watercraft (Year, Make, and Model and HIN). No watercraft decals are issued.

  • Out-of-State Fee

    A nonresident of Indiana whose watercraft is legally registered in another state but operated, used, docked, or stored in Indiana for 22 or more consecutive days is required to pay an out-of-state resident fee of $2 in addition to the boat excise tax and either a boat registration fee or a boat registration renewal fee.

Find Your Boat Fees and Taxes

View the chart below to determine what taxes and fees you owe on your boat.