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Account Requirements

  • ENS
  • Current: Account Requirements

Prior to joining IDEL, a company/organization must enroll with and agree to the terms in the Monthly Account Agreement. After a company/organization has enrolled with, individual users within the company/organization must agree to the Monthly Account Agreement for access to Premium Services offered through the service, particularly the BMV IDEL ENS Access Agreement. The Monthly Account Agreement for BMV IDEL ENS Access will be provided upon request for enrollment.

IDEL Roles

The IDEL application is designed to support two roles once an account is set up. Those roles are Company Administrator and Watcher. The information below outlines the requirements for and functions of each role, as well as the steps to set up the roles.

Company Administrator:

The Company Administrator will be the first user for your company/organization who is granted access to IDEL. The Company Administrator will manage other Company Administrators and Watchers and their assigned watch lists. This person is responsible for general oversight of the account and will be the primary point of contact for the IDEL application.


Watchers are set up in the company’s IDEL account by the Company Administrator. Watchers are assigned CDL drivers to monitor and will receive notifications if an action has been taken on a driver.

Role Capabilities

Below is a summary of role capabilities to help your company/organization determine the appropriate role assignment:

FunctionWatcher Company Admin
ENS Watch List  
Search Titles
Search Registrations
Search Driver Records
Company User Management (Company Admin and Watcher)  
State Admin User Management   
Driver Enrollment  
Watcher Assignment/Reassignment  
Search Drivers
Bulk Driver Upload  
Bulk Driver Move  
Bulk Driver Unenrollment  
Bulk Driver Watchlist Download
Weekly Recap Report
Subscriber Report  

How to Set Up Roles in IDEL

  1. Create a CDB ( account, which will include setting up a username
    There are two (2) steps to this process, as follows:
    1. Sign up for or add to an existing account
    2. Sign up for access to IDEL
  2. The user must be “created” by a ‘Company Administrator’ in the IDEL application

Additional Information

The BMV, in collaboration with its partners, has developed several How-to videos to assist both Company Administrators and Watchers in navigating IDEL. These How-to videos are available to IDEL users once a company/organization is enrolled with and all required user setup and appropriate roles are assigned.