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  • What is an ENS?

    An Employer Notification System, known as ENS, is designed to help companies proactively address potential commercial driver’s license (CDL) issues with their drivers. These issues, if unresolved, could prevent a driver from operating a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) legally and put the company at risk. The Indiana BMV's ENS is called Indiana Driver Employer Link (IDEL).

  • How does IDEL work?

    IDEL provides companies with a mechanism to actively monitor enrolled drivers. When an organization enrolls in the program, it will create Administrators and Watchers and enroll the CDL drivers it employs. Those drivers will be assigned to a Watcher.

    IDEL sends an automated generic notification via email to Watchers if any of three critical statuses change with an enrolled CDL driver on the Watcher’s list. The notification only includes the driver’s name and an alert to check the driver’s status.

    The intent is for the assigned Watcher to log in to IDEL and check the status of the enrolled CDL driver at the time an alert is received. At the time of the notification, the company is charged a $10.00 record pull fee. The Watcher can pull the driver’s record from within IDEL, review the driver’s record, and determine what actions need to be taken.

  • What is the benefit of enrolling in IDEL?

    There are several benefits to participating in IDEL:

    1. IDEL connects employers to their employees' driving records and enables employers to ensure their drivers are compliant with the laws of the state of Indiana.
    2. Tracking status changes in employees' driver's licenses enables effective and productive operations for a company.
  • Who is eligible to participate with IDEL?

    Currently, only companies that operate commercially are allowed to enroll drivers in IDEL. Enrolled drivers must be a CDL holder and be operating a CMV for the company. Federal Law covers monitoring of CMV operators.

  • What triggers an alert?

    Alerts, also called notifications, are automatically generated when there is a change to any of three critical statuses that are maintained by the BMV. Those three statuses are: driver’s license status, commercial driver’s license status, and commercial medical certificate status.

  • What information is sent in an alert?

    The automated alert contains a generic message that notifies a watcher that the status of an enrolled driver has changed. The driver’s name is the only identifying information included in the alert.

  • Do the reports provided from IDEL satisfy the annual FMCSA driver record pull requirement?

    No, an IDEL driver record pull is not a replacement of and does not satisfy the required annual FMCSA pull.

  • How often am I charged?

    To gain access to IDEL, every IDEL user MUST be subscribed to an account. Each account can accommodate up to 10 subscribers. There is a $95.00 annual fee for every increment of 10 subscribers. IDEL has an annual fee, a monthly monitoring fee, and a driver record fee. A breakdown of those fees and when they are charged follows:

    • Annual Fee: The annual fee of $99.00 is charged one time each year in the month of enrollment. For example, if a company enrolls in IDEL in March the annual fee would be charged in March of every year until a company unenrolls. This fee is NOT refunded or pro-rated if the company unenrolls from IDEL during the year for which the fee was charged.
    • Monthly Monitoring Fee: The monthly monitoring fee is assessed, in full, on the day of enrollment of a driver. The fee is $0.12 per driver each time a driver is enrolled for any duration of time during the month. The $0.12 per driver per month monitoring fee will NOT be refunded or pro-rated if the Customer unenrolls a driver during the month for which the fee was assessed or unenrolls from IDEL during the month for which the monthly driver monitoring fee was assessed. For example, if a driver is enrolled on March 3 and unenrolled on March 5, and then enrolled again on March 28, the monthly monitoring fee for that driver will be $0.24 for the month of March. If the driver is enrolled, without disruption, for the entire month of April, then the Monthly Monitoring Fee for that driver will be $0.12 for the month of April.
    • Driver Record Fee: The driver record fee of $10.00 is charged at the time a notification is sent in response to a change in any of the three statuses of an enrolled CDL driver.
  • Does this system monitor all drivers?

    IDEL only monitors enrolled drivers. All enrolled drivers must hold a valid CDL at the time of enrollment in IDEL and be employed by the company as a CMV driver.

  • Is there a limit to the number of drivers I can enroll?

    No, there is no limit to the number of drivers a company can enroll. However, companies are required to only enroll drivers who they actively employ and must remove drivers at time of leave or termination.

  • Is there a limit to the number of Watchers I can set up in IDEL?

    IDEL does not limit the number of Watchers a company can set up, however there are additional account charges once an account has 11 or more subscribers. For every increment of 10 subscribers, a $95.00 annual fee will be charged.

  • What is a Watcher?

    A Watcher is an IDEL user that is assigned to watch, or monitor, a list of enrolled CDL drivers within their company. A Watcher is notified if any of three critical statuses change with an enrolled CDL driver on the Watcher’s list. To review a table of each role’s functions, please visit the Account Requirements page.

  • What is a Company Administrator?

    The first user in a company is automatically assigned the role of Company Administrator. A Company Administrator is primarily responsible for company user management, CDL driver enrollment, maintaining Watcher’s lists, and utilizing IDEL reporting functionality. A Company Administrator is a user that can perform all the same functions of a Watcher, except for watch a list of enrolled CDL drivers. A Company Administrator can also be assigned the role of Watcher as IDEL user roles are additive. To review a table of each role’s functions, please visit the Account Requirements page.

  • How often are notifications sent?

    The assigned Watcher will receive one notification per driver per day even if a watched driver has multiple status changes throughout a single day.

  • How is a notification sent?

    Notifications are sent via email to the assigned Watcher.

  • Who receives a notification when a driver’s status changes?

    The assigned Watcher receives an email notification when a watched driver’s status changes. If a driver is assigned to more than one Watcher, all assigned Watchers are notified.

  • How much is a driver record?

    A driver record fee of $10.00 is charged each time a status alert notification is triggered from IDEL.

  • How do I sign up?

    If you are interested in enrolling your company in IDEL, please fill out our form to learn more about the enrollment process.

  • I forgot my password, how do I reset my account?

    Please navigate to the Forgot Password page and follow the prompts. If you do not know your Username or have not set up your security profile, please contact customer service via email at or via telephone at (317) 233-2010 or toll free at (888) 4IN-eGov.

  • I need help with my account, who do I contact?

    Please contact customer service via email at or via telephone at (317) 233-2010 or toll free at (888) 4IN-eGov.

  • Who can view a driver record in the IDEL system?

    A Company Administrator or Watcher can view a driver record in the IDEL system.

  • What is the pricing to participate with IDEL?

    The fees associated with BMV ENS Access include:

    Annual ENS Monitoring Fee

    All enrolled companies must pay an annual, non-refundable, ENS monitoring fee at an introductory rate of $99.00 per year. This fee is in addition to the annual account fee of $95.00 per year. This annual ENS monitoring fee will be billed annually on the anniversary date of the agreement and will not be refunded or pro-rated if the agreement is terminated or cancelled during the year for which the fee was charged.

    Monthly Driver Monitoring Fee

    Companies must pay a monthly driver monitoring fee of $0.12 per driver per month. This fee is in addition to the Annual ENS Monitoring Fee and the annual account fee. The monthly driver monitoring fee will be assessed at driver enrollment each and every time any driver is enrolled. The fee assessment will occur, in full, on the day of driver enrollment and will recur monthly, at the beginning of each calendar month, until the driver is unenrolled from the ENS system. This monthly driver monitoring fee will not be refunded or pro-rated if a driver is unenrolled during the month for which the fee was assessed or terminates or cancels the agreement during the month for which the monthly driver monitoring fee was assessed.

    Driver License Record Search Fee

    Companies pay a per Driver License Record Search Fee of $10.00 for each status change notification sent from IDEL. This fee is in addition to the Annual ENS Monitoring Fee, the annual account fee, and the Monthly Driver Monitoring Fee. This Driver License Record Search Fee will not be refunded if the company terminates or cancels the agreement prior to utilizing any available or unused Driver License Record searches.