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status alerts

Status Alerts

Once a company enrolls itself and its drivers in the program, if an action, such as a suspension or medical expiration happens on a driver record, the company is notified. After the notification is received, the company should login to IDEL and pull the driver record.

The automated triggers are a general alert based on three critical statuses maintained by the BMV. To view specific information about the status change, customers will login and review the driver’s current record via the IDEL platform.

low cost

Low-Cost Monitoring

Safety on the road is top priority, but this system does more than just promote transparency and safe driving habits. IDEL helps to potentially lower costs to your company.

Companies are required under the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 to review each driver's record at least once a year. While this system is not designed to replace that requirement, it allows companies to address driver status changes at a much quicker pace. IDEL provides awareness in real time that a driver has had an issue.

reliable data

Reliable Data

The data driving IDEL is maintained by the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles. As companies enroll drivers on a watch list, notifications are triggered as drivers’ status changes. Because the data is coming directly from the BMV, companies are assured of data integrity, accuracy, and timeliness.

Don’t let 364 days go by before you check on your drivers.

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