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Indiana Driver Employer Link

IDEL is Indiana’s employer notification system designed to quickly inform employers of change in the status of their CDL drivers. IDEL is short for Indiana Driver Employer Link. Take a look around and see how  IDEL can make tracking driver status easier for you and your company.

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Fast Notifications
Easy Reporting
Low Cost

ENS Program Highlights

monitor employee records

Monitor your employees' driving records


Receive a notification if an action has been taken on a driver

increase safety

Increase your company's visibility to drivers who operate commercial motor vehicles

return on investment

Potentially lower costs to your company

Stay Updated on Driver Records

Need to monitor the status of your Indiana commercial driver’s license holders?

Enroll your company and its employees in IDEL today! Once enrolled, you will receive notifications through email in the event of a driver status change. The automated triggers are based on three important statuses (driver’s license, commercial driver’s license, and commercial medical certificate status) maintained by the BMV. Customers are advised of a change and are provided steps on how to review its employees' detailed driving records. IDEL provides an opportunity for companies to quickly review the status of its drivers and take action to keep drivers valid on the road.

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