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Indiana law allows for the operation and registration of autocycles. Autocycles are defined as a three-wheeled motor vehicle in which the operator and passenger ride in a completely or partially enclosed seating area equipped with:

  • rollcage or roll hoops;
  • safety belts for each occupant;
  • antilock brakes;
  • designed to be controlled with a steering wheel and pedals.

Title and Registration

Autocycles are titled and registered as a motorcycle, and are issued a motorcycle license plate.

Driver’s License Requirements

A valid Indiana driver’s license is required to operate an autocycle. A motorcycle learner’s permit or motorcycle endorsement is not required to operate an autocycle.

An autocycle may not be used for the purpose of a driving skills exam for an operator’s license or motorcycle endorsement.

Operation Information

  • An autocycle must be equipped with safety belts that must be worn by the operator and all passengers.
  • A passenger may not ride in any other position except in the seat designed for the passenger.
  • Motorcyclists and motor driven cyclists are permitted to proceed, with caution, through an intersection with a red signal after 120 seconds, however, an autocyclist is not permitted to proceed through the intersection.
  • Autocycles may not be operated side-by-side in a single traffic lane.
  • Autocycles may not be parked along a roadway curb with the rear wheel to the curb and the front tire facing the flow of traffic.

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