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Suspension & Reinstatement

Indiana law gives courts the authority to order the Indiana BMV to suspend a motorist’s driving privileges when he or she is found to have committed certain traffic violations.

Common Traffic Violations

Indiana law allows the courts or the BMV to suspend the driving privileges of a driver when he or she is found to have committed certain traffic violations or failed to file required documentation. Mandatory suspensions can be the result of a court order or a legislative mandate requiring the BMV to take action on a driver’s record.

Driving Records and Points

Indiana law assesses a point value for most traffic-related convictions. Point values for offenses range from two to eight points, depending on the seriousness of the violation. Points are active on an individual’s driving record for two years from the conviction date of the violation.

Driver Safety Program

Approved Driver Safety Programs are available through classroom instruction, online, or by video/DVD.

Common Suspension, Reinstatement, and Insurance Forms

Indiana drivers involved in accidents and those who have received convictions for traffic offenses may be required to submit a Certificate of Compliance, Proof of Financial Responsibility, Affidavit of Current Insurance, or Reinstatement Fee Submission forms to the BMV.

Proof of Financial Responsibility

You are required to provide proof of financial responsibility to the BMV after being involved in an accident or certain traffic violations. If you receive a notice from the BMV requesting proof of financial responsibility, only your insurance provider is authorized to submit proof of insurance to the BMV.

Registration Holds – Ohio River Bridge Toll Violations

The Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) may place a hold on your registration if you have unpaid toll violations due from the Ohio River Bridge (ORB).

If you have a hold on your registration due to an outstanding ORB toll violation, you will not be able to renew your registration until the toll violation has been settled through RiverLink. To pay the toll, you must contact RiverLink directly at 1-855-RIV-LINK (1-855-748-5465). The BMV neither accepts nor collects payment for toll violations.

All questions about the ORB toll violation, including payment amount, must be directed to RiverLink. Additional information about the ORB toll can be found at www.RiverLink.com.

Once the ORB toll violation has been paid/settled, the registration hold should only take a few minutes to be released, and you may renew your registration.