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Drug Task Force

The mission of the Indiana Attorney General's Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force is to significantly reduce the abuse of controlled prescription drugs and to decrease the number of deaths associated with these drugs in Indiana.

The Indiana Attorney General's Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force was established in September 2012. It is made up of approximately 100 members including state legislators, law enforcement, health and medical professionals, pharmacists, federal, state and local government agencies, educators, advocates and treatment providers. In addition, a significant number of working-group volunteers have contributed to the efforts of the task force. The Task Force is composed of the following core committees:

View a list of the Rx Task Force Committee Members.

Taking Action:  Four Year Report - December 2016

Public Health & Safety

MISSION: To develop a patient-centered consensus approach to increase treatment for individuals with OUD, while protecting the public by minimizing risk and demonstrating recovery outcomes.

Enforcement and Treatment

MISSION: It is imperative all three of these disciplines (enforcement, treatment and litigation) work collaboratively in order to maintain effectiveness and sustainability.  Our primary focus will be within the pillars of treatment and enforcement.  Additionally, we intend to utilize an evidence-based best practice approach to continually improve our efforts and ensure accountability.


MISSION: To identify, promote and support evidence-based as well as new/cutting-edge opioid prevention-based approaches and strategies targeting affected communities, and the early and mid-level education systems that may include “at risk youth” to reduce the risk of OUD.

Provider Education

MISSION: We represent a multi-specialty group of Indiana providers who are committed to working to mitigate the harm to our communities as it pertains to the opioid crisis.

First, we are dedicated to the idea that in order to effectively solve this problem, providers from across the spectrum and across our state must be actively engaged to share both challenges and solutions. We commit to working together to disseminate new evidence and best practices and to develop innovative ideas and solutions that we believe will make patients in our communities safer as it pertains to better and safer prescribing of prescription drugs, reduction in overprescribing and lessening the harm from illicit drugs.

Second, our committee is to give collective feedback to the Attorney General as it relates to potential legislation in the realm of opioids and controlled substances.  We recognize the profound complexities surrounding the opioid epidemic and remain convinced that our collective feedback will inevitably ensure that Indiana creates thoughtful and sustainable solutions to this crisis.


MISSION: To educate employers regarding best practice opportunities they can implement to address opioid use disorder in an effort to maintain a healthy and productive workforce.

VISION: To create an opioid use disorder on-line resource toolkit and a dissemination strategy for Indiana employers.