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Foreclosure Prevention

In an effort to help homeowners who are looking for information on foreclosure prevention, the Homeowner Protection Unit with the Indiana Attorney General’s Office can assist homeowners by getting them in contact with professionals in the housing industry, including housing counselors.  We can assist homeowner’s on how to ask for a loss mitigation review from their lender to determine if they are eligible for a workout option that may lower their monthly payment, and/or interest rate and cure the default on their loan. All loss mitigation requests can be done by the homeowner directly with his/her mortgage servicer at no cost to the homeowner.

If a foreclosure action has been filed against a homeowner, the Homeowner Protection Unit can assist homeowners on how to request a settlement conference to help them communicate more effectively with their lenders concerning possible workout options, as well as what resources are available to help homeowners prepare for the settlement conference. For more information on settlement conferences contact:

Helpful Links

  • Contact a housing counselor to find out your options
  • Call your County Clerk to sign up for a settlement conference today
  • Connect to Making Homes Affordable Program
  • Find a Pro Bono Attorney
  • Avoid foreclosure rescue scams
    • Please note, homeowners can contact their mortgage company and request a loss mitigation packet be mailed to them. The packet will include a loss mitigation application and will include a list of all documents required for a workout review. All aspects of the loss mitigation process are free to the homeowner and can be done directly between the homeowner and their mortgage servicer.

Missed One or More Payments or Worried You Might Miss A Payment?

  • Find a Housing Counselor
  • Connect to Making Home Affordable Program
  • Avoid foreclosure rescue scams

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