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Consumer Protection Division

Foreclosure Prevention

In an effort to help homeowners who are looking for information on foreclosure prevention, and professionals in the housing industry, including counselors and realtors, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General holds foreclosure prevention preparation seminars. Attendees learn how asking for a settlement conference can help them communicate more effectively with their lenders, as well as what resources are available to help homeowners prepare for the settlement conference.

For information on settlement, conferences contact http://www.in.gov/judiciary/selfservice/2359.htm

Received Foreclosure Notification?

  • Contact a housing counselor to find out your options
  • Sign up for a Settlement Conference
  • Connect to Making Homes Affordable Program
  • Find a Pro Bono Attorney
  • Avoid foreclosure rescue scams

Missed One or More Payments or Worried You Might Miss A Payment?

  • Find a Housing Counselor
  • Connect to Making Home Affordable Program
  • Avoid foreclosure rescue scams