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Opinions 2001-2016


2021-1 RE: University policies on COVID-19 vaccination


2020-1 RE: Regulation of Online "Merchant Service Provider"

2020-2 RE: Municipal Utilities and Rental Properties Under Ind. Code § 8-1.5-3-8

2020-3 RE: Senate Bill 74 and Definition of Gender Under Indiana Code

2020-4 RE: Local Government Restriction of Firearms During Emergencies

2020-5 RE: Payroll Deductions for Public Sector Employees

2020-6 RE: Mask Mandate

2020-7 RE: Licensure of Internally Created Software Application

2020-8 RE: Restrictions on Religious Activities and Organizations

2020-9 RE: County Recorder Fees


2019-1 RE: Regional Jails and Cooperative Agreements

2019-2 RE: Use of Digital or Electronic Signatures for Pleadings in Commission Proceedings

2019-3 RE: Expenditures from Tourism Funds to Benefit For-Profit Corporations

2019-4 RE: Liability for Extended School Bus Arm Signal Devices

2019-5 RE: Use of Drones in Administrative Inspections

2019-6 RE: The Restoration of Firearm Rights Under Indiana’s Expunction Statues


2018-1 RE: The Constitutionality of 2018 Indiana Senate Bill 155

2018-2 RE: Indiana Election Commission/Lake County Small Precinct Consolidation

2018-3 RE: Authority to Fill Vacancy on Board of School Trustees of the Gary Community School Corporation and Appoint President

2018-4 RE: Opinion on Retailer Anti-Shoplifting Program

2018-5 RE: Data Breach Requirements as Applied to Municipalities in Indiana

2018-6 RE: Release of Personal Information on Accident Reports under APRA/DPPA

2018-7 RE: City Ordinance and the Regulation of Campaign Contributions by City Contractors

2018-8 RE: Alternative Wage Payment Arrangements and Educational Service Centers

2018-9 RE: Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2018-10 RE: Indiana Grain Indemnity Fund Collection Process

2018-11 RE: Reorganization of West Clark Community Schools

2018-12 RE: Meaning of the Word "Resignation" in Indiana Code § 5-8-4-1


2017-1 RE: Municipal Regulation of Golf Carts

2017-2 RE: Dual Office Holding Inquiry

2017-3 RE: Sunday Sales of Non-Motorized Trailers

2017-4 RE: Deep Tunnel Easement Beneath Indiana State Fairgrounds

2017-5 RE: Little Calumet River Basin Development Commission on Disposition of Real Property

2017-6 RE: Lucrative Office Holder Inquiry

2017-7 RE: Cannabidiol and HEA 1148

2017-8 RE: Legal Immunity for Members of the Indiana Guard Reserve


2016-1 Civil Liability Protection for Prescribers of Auto-Injectable Epinephrine

2016-2 Electronic Payment Policy and Electronic Funds Transfer

2016-3 Illinois Grain Elevators Participating in Indiana's Grain Indemnity Program

2016-4 Payment of County Recording Fees


2015-1Standing Orders by Indiana Prescribers under "Aaron's Law"

Click here for a chart detailing different paths to Naloxone as authorized by Aaron's Law.

2015-2 IEERB's Ability to Invoke the Rule of Necessity

2015-3 Indiana Death Registration System (IDRS)

2015-4 River Ridge Development Authority

2015-5 Dual Office Holding Inquiries

2015-6 Section 501(c)(3) organizations practicing dentistry

2015-7 Representation in Administrative Hearings


2014-1 Medical Review Panel Chair Removal for Good Cause After 15 Days


2013-1 Choice Scholarship Program

2013-2 Disbursement of county funds with county council appropriation

2013-3 Authority to prevent and control non-point source pollution

2013-4 Indiana's Power of Attorney Statute

2013-5 Process for Creation of Historic Preservation Districts

2013-6 State Boundary on the Wabash River

2013-7 Limited Liability for Agritourism Activities

2013-8 Applicability of Modified Adjusted Gross Income Methodology to State Plan Amendment


2012-1 Slot Machine Wagering Taxes

2012-2 Contract Administrator for Project-Based Section Housing Assistance Payments Contracts

2012-3 Indiana Highway Laws of 1956 concerning weight limits

2012-4 Issuance of Driver's Licenses to Individuals in Deferred Action Status

2012-5 Inclusion or exclusion of Indiana State Prison inmates when calculating population for purposes of city council districts


2011-1 - School Bus Fees via Third Party Provider

2011-2 Disposition of Uncashed Warrants Issued by the State Auditor

2011-3 County School Reorganization Plan

2011-4 Governor's Commission on Minority and Women's Business Enterprises and State Educational Institutions

2011-5 Cemetery Perpetual Care Funds

2011-6 Proposed City Ordinance in Fort Wayne

2011-7 Right to Transfer into Local Public School After Attendance at Charter School

2011-8 Sales Tax Collection Obligations in Relation to Out-of-State Purchasers

2011-9 Denying or Delaying Enrollment to Students who Attempt to Enroll After Deadline


2010-1 Civil Forfeitures and the Common School Fund

2010-2 School Bus Rider Fees

2010-3 Legal Authority of City Redevelopment Commissions to Borrow and Bond

2010-4 Prosecutors Offices and Hatch Act

2010-5 Knox County Council Ordinance No. 2009-3


2009-1 Dual Office Holding (Hammond City Council/Hammond Port Authority)

2009-2 Conflict in Statutory Amendments Passed During the Same Legislative Session (CORRECTED VERSION reposted on June 15, 2009)

2009-3 Hoosier Fund Indiana Local Government Investment Pool

2009-4 Authority for Oversight of Township Emergency Services

2009-5 Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs; Role of Proxies

2009-6 Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority


2008-1 Applicability of the Indiana Tort Claims Act

2008-2 HEA 1001 and Transfer of Assessor Duties

2008-3 Power of a municipality to implement a "red light camera" program

2008-4 Disposition of Uncashed Indiana Tax Refund and Prisoner Discharge Checks

2008-5 Public Works Projects by School Corporations


2007-01 Issuance of a retail beer permit to a limited liability company, one of whose members is a law enforcement officer

2007-02 Taxicab driver exemption from the passenger restraint law

2007-03 Passenger Restraint Laws under Indiana Code Chapter 9-19-10


2006-01 Indiana Code section 4-13-2-14.8

2006-02 The Indiana Gaming Commission's authority to oversee local development agreements

2006-03 Legal Status of the Consolidated City of Indianapolis

2006-04 Disqualification from Assuming or Being a Candidate for Elected Office under Indiana Code section 3-8-1-5


2005-01 Indiana Code section 36-8-4-6.5

2005-02 Whether a Garnishee is Considered a Defendant for the Purposes of Collecting Court Filing Fees under Indiana Code section 33-37-4-6 or 33-37-5-28


2004-01 Constitutionality of "special legislation"

2004-02 Indiana Education Roundtable recommendations to the Indiana State Board of Education

2004-03 Solemnization of marriages under Indiana law

2004-04 Official duties of Circuit Court Clerks regarding marriage licenses

2004-05 Contracts for banking services for state agencies

2004-06 Existing and Planned Runways

2004-07 Gambling Tax Revenues and Historic Preservation

2004-08 Department of Insurance Bulletin 123

2004-09 Compensation for Elected City Officer

2004-10 Distribution of Wagering Tax Under Indiana Code Section 4-33-13-5


2003-01 Distribution of County Option Income Tax

2003-02 Local ordinances and state laws

2003-03 School corporations unfunded retirement of severance liability

2003-04 Compensating firefighters for substituted hours

2003-05 Withdrawal from principal of the common school fund

2003-06 Smoking bans

2003-07 Political subdivision establishment of Rainy Day Funds

2003-08 Redevelopment Commission's acquisition and disposition of property


2002-01 Authority of State Ethics Commission to enforce Executive Orders

2002-02 Funding for charter schools

2002-03 Jurisdiction of the Committee over computer software/hardware training programs

2002-04 Validity of county ordinance conferring merit status on deputy prosecutors

2002-05 Payment by public employers of group health insurance premiums

2002-06 Inventory Tax Deduction - HEA 1001


2001-02 North Miami School Corporation and Indiana intercept statute

2001-03 Access to 911 database

2001-04 Constitutionality of school health service fees

2001-05 Political affiliation of appointees to county health board

2001-06 Use of Ind. Code § 36-8-16 funds to purchase radio equipment

2001-07 Use of proceeds of fundraising activities by a Soil and Water Conservation District

2001-08 Interpretation of IC 31-19-28-1 governing adoption decrees from foreign jurisdictions

2001-09 Legality of a "Skill Slot" machine

2001-10 Authority of County Treasurer to audit for compliance with Innkeeper's Tax

2001-11 Terms of employment for deputy prosecuting attorneys

2001-12 White County Bridge Commission

2001-13 Community College system

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