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2017 Equifax Security Breach




Click here to visit and securely file a claim for a restitution payment.

Click here to view the Equifax Settlement FAQ's.


10/5/2020 - News Release: AG Curtis Hill launches website where Hoosiers impacted by the Equifax data breach may claim money

Attorney General Curtis Hill announced today the launch of, a website where nearly 4 million Hoosiers who were harmed by the 2017 Equifax data breach may go to securely file a claim for a restitution payment.

Attorney General Hill sued Equifax, one of the world's largest credit-reporting bureaus, following its massive data breach, which occurred from May 2017 to July 2017. The breach compromised the personal information of approximately 147 million Americans, including roughly 3.9 million Indiana residents. Social Security numbers, dates of birth, addresses, driver's license numbers and credit card information were compromised.

"Millions of Indiana residents were endangered financially due to Equifax's failure to protect the personal information it was entrusted to keep private," Attorney General Hill said. "We encourage these consumers to visit this website and claim the money they deserve. We hope this money lessens any burdens the data breach may have caused." Indiana was one of two states that opted not to participated in a multistate settlement with Equifax in July 2019. Instead, the Office of the Attorney General chose to file its own lawsuit against the company and, ultimately, negotiated its own settlement.

As part of Indiana's settlement, Equifax agreed to pay the state $19.5 million. Indiana received more money than the states that participated in the multistate settlement, which distributed $175 million to be shared among participating states.

Nearly all of Indiana's settlement has been directed toward restitution payments to affected consumers. A portion of the settlement will go toward administering the payments.

Now Indiana consumers may claim the restitution payments they deserve. All Hoosiers are encouraged to visit: and file a claim for a restitution payment. Simply provide the information required and, if you are eligible, you will receive a payment. You have until Dec.16, 2020, to file a claim, after which payments will be distributed.

About 3.9 million Indiana residents are eligible for a restitution payment under the terms of the settlement. If you are not eligible, it is likely that you have family and friends who are eligible. Please encourage them to visit and file a claim.

Many Indiana consumers will receive an email from that says they are eligible for a payment under the terms of the settlement. If you receive an email from, please go to and file a claim for a payment.

For additional information about the Office of the Indiana Attorney Generals settlement with Equifax and about the claims process, please visit


Click here to visit and securely file a claim for a restitution payment.

Click here to view the Equifax Settlement FAQ's.



4/14/2020 - News Release: AG Curtis Hill secures $19.5 million Equifax settlement for Hoosier consumers

According to Equifax, the breach lasted from mid-May through July, and compromised names, Social Security numbers, birth dates, addresses and, in some instances, driver’s license numbers. This breach is estimated to affect 143 million Americans and 3.8 million Hoosiers. 

To check whether you have been impacted by the data breach, please visit Make sure that you are using a secure internet connection (not public Wi-Fi) before submitting your personal information.

Hoosiers are also encouraged to take the following steps to safeguard their identity:

1) Freeze your credit - click here to start. Make sure you freeze your credit with each credit bureau- a freeze with one bureau will not transfer to the others.

2) Closely monitor your bank and credit card statements, as well as your credit report.

3) Read up on how to stay safe from phishing scams.

Reminder: State law prohibits the Indiana Attorney General and deputy attorneys general from practicing private law. This means that they cannot represent you in court or provide you with legal advice. Hoosiers who need legal advice or representation should consult a private attorney.