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Survey for Alcohol Compliance

The Survey for Alcohol Compliance (SAC) is a program conducted by the Indiana State Excise Police (ISEP) to evaluate and reduce the availability of alcoholic beverages to persons under 21-years of age.  SAC inspections are conducted by ISEP officers accompanied by 18- to 20-year-old youths who attempt to purchase alcoholic beverages at licensed retail establishments.  As part of the program, the agency has contracted with the Indiana Prevention Resource Center at Indiana University to recruit and hire the youths who assist our officers with the inspections.
An important objective of the program is to conduct at least one compliance check annually at each retail alcoholic beverage permit location. Businesses that fail a compliance check may have administrative charges referred to the Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission Prosecutor against their alcoholic beverage permit. SAC inspection results are tracked by the agency and those results are made available by way of annual reports.  The links below include recent years’ pass/fail results by county, by business name, and permit type.
Inquiries regarding the SAC program’s implementation and results should be directed to ATC Communications Director Ashley Merritt.

SAC Enforcement Data

Quarterly SAC Violation Reports
Pursuant to IC 7.1-2-3-4.6 effective July 1, 2019 the commission will provide quarterly reports on SAC violations by permittees.
Yearly SAC Violation Reports