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Re-Group is a virtual community of creatives figuring out life and work beyond COVID.

Frustrated with the way the world is working right now? Not sure why you’re even creating anymore? Focus on your vision and creative career for 2021 and beyond while stretching your understanding of what’s possible.

We are disoriented, but hopeful.
Dissatisfied and motivated.
Collaborative and self-aware.

The future doesn't have to be scary.
Let's talk about longevity with Maurice Broaddus

After his entire life collapsed, author Maurice Broaddus rebuilt it to fuel his creativity, family and community. He's thriving today (yes, even during a pandemic!) because he's designed his future, and refuses to settle for anything less. Maurice will share his trusty tools for decision-making and future-building.


Protests And The Value Of Disruption by Maurice Broaddus

Bound by Sorrow by Maurice Broaddus

Make it yours:
1. Make your own Matrix for Opportunities
2. Write your own obituary.
3. Use these questions to journal about trusting yourself.
  • Which has more weight in my decision-making: my intellect or my intuition?
  • How often do I follow my instincts?
  • Do I regularly look to others for answers?
  • What does my intuition feel like? Where do I feel it in my body?
  • How would my life change if I trusted myself more deeply?
  • ACTION: What decision is right in front of me?

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Maurice Broaddus

Maurice Broaddus is community organizer and teacher, his work has appeared in magazines like Lightspeed Magazine, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, Asimov’s, and Uncanny Magazine, with some of his stories having been collected in The Voices of Martyrs. His books include the urban fantasy trilogy, The Knights of Breton Court, the steampunk works, Buffalo Soldier and Pimp My Airship, and the middle grade detective novel, The Usual Suspects. His project, Sorcerers, is being adapted as a television show for AMC. As an editor, he’s worked on Dark Faith, Streets of Shadows, and Apex Magazine. Learn more at

We don't have to just get by.
How to stop living in scarcity with Diop

Why are finances so difficult? Maybe money will never be enough. Maybe our economy is a complete illusion. How would life be different if money didn't exist? If you're feeling like resources are scarce, let Diop introduce you to community wealth. This conversation is perfect for both your anti-establishment friends and your those with stocks and bonds. Let's find abundance.

Make it yours:

"Abundance is tied to creative energy, and nothing is out of reach," Diop Adisa shared in his Re-Group session. These ideas are great, but how will you make them happen in your own life and practice?

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Headshot of Diop

Diop Adisa was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Broad Ripple high school and IUPUI. He has been with the grassroots community organization Kheprw Institute (KI) since inception back in 2003. To describe him simply, he’s an artist, activist and entrepreneur. He’s also an independent hip hop artist who has worked within the Indianapolis hip hop community for the past 15 years.

We don't have to be overwhelmed by business stuff.
You are an entrepreneur with Anna Powell Denton

Are you a hustler? Is your creative practice a business? Should it be? Anna's answers to these questions keep her creative life nimble and thriving even in uncertainty.

Make it yours
  • Redefining yourself: how do you promote yourself to create the work you want to do?
  • How do you define entrepreneurship for yourself? What are the qualities you could build something with?

Questions, or something to add to the discussion? Keep the conversation going on our Re-Group Facebook posts.

Headshot of Anna Powell Denton

Anna Powell Denton is a photographer and filmmaker based in Bloomington, Indiana. She works with both digital and film formats specializing in editorial portraiture and documentary photography.

We don't have to be out here all alone.
The art of collaboration with Carrington Clinton

As a jazz percussionist, collaboration is in his creative DNA. Carrington Clinton's collaborative spirit had led him to new opportunities beyond music. How do we find opportunities to collaborate? Can we learn to be better partners? When does collaboration get in the way?

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Clint Breeze headshot

Carrington “Clint Breeze” Clinton is a musician and creative based in Indy who is the band leader of Clint Breeze and The Groove. He enjoys teaching and the life of a musician by trade. In this free time he’s spending time with family and his two dogs.

Clout doesn't have to equal success.
No scene support? No clout! with Wildstyle

Sometimes it feels like your supporters have disappeared. We get it. Wildstyle has learned what it takes to escape (what feels like) failure and what it takes to build that support (so that you don't end up in a spiral of empty clout chasing).

Make it yours

Questions, or something to add to the discussion? Keep the conversation going on our Re-Group Facebook posts.

headshot of wildstyle

Wildstyle Paschall is a musician, producer, visual artist, activist and author. As a producer, photographer, curator and photographer for All317HipHop, roving illustrator for The Learning Tree, and Central Indiana Community Foundation Ambassador, he strives to make the invisible (issues, people, art) visible in Indianapolis.