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IN.gov Customer Utilities

My Invoice/Billing Summary/Statement

IN.gov account holders can access their invoices, billing summaries and statements on the accounts page by entering in their username and password.

The single paper invoice option is the exact invoice we would have mailed out. It will tell you what type of search a specific user did.

The billing summary screen will allow you to see specific transaction information. For the current month, this is just a summary and is NOT the final charges.

The statement will list all outstanding invoices.

Login to my account

  • Enter IN.gov login and password

Invoices greater than 60 days outstanding will result in the suspension of access to IN.gov Services.

IN.gov Account Management and Password Resets

Go to the Password Reset Page.

  • Choose the Reports Icon
  • Select the report type
  • Select billing period (MMYYYY )
  • For all transactions on an account, leave the login blank
  • For all transactions by one user, enter the IN.gov user name
  • Select Level of detail to include Transaction Memos entered by the user in certain applications at the time of the transaction
  • Select Output Format (not all options are available) and Generate