Financial Literacy Summer Reading Program

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson believes Hoosiers can start thinking and learning about financial literacy at any age. The purpose of this reading program is to help elementary age students learn about smart money management skills and apply them to their own lives.

Students can participate independently or through participating libraries.  For a list of participating libraries, click here

If you are a teacher or librarian interested in using the program, please click here for informational documents. 

How does it work?

Secretary Lawson hopes to provide a reading program that allows students to learn about three financial literacy topics: what is money, saving for the future, and making and spending money wisely.  Books and activities selected are meant to touch each category and to apply what students learn. 

Books and Activities

The program is divided into two age groups: Kindergarten through 2nd grade and 3rd grade through 6th grade.  Students are required to read at least 2 books per topics, but are encouraged to read as many as they can. 

Once students have completed the readings for each topic, they will need to complete a related activity.  The activities provided are suggestions and can be changed.  Additional activities or projects can also be added as long as they relate back to financial literacy. 


Each student that completes the reading program will receive an Indiana Secretary of State piggy bank to help them get started on the road to financial fitness. 


Upon completion, students should submit the following by September 1:

All submission documents can be submitted to Kelly Griese at or by mail at 302 West Washington Street, Room E-111, Indianapolis, IN 46204.


Book Lists
Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
3rd Grade through 6th Grade

Kindergarten through 2nd Grade
3rd Grade through 6th Grade

Additional Resources

Financial Literacy Glossary
Online resources and activities

Student Summary Document