Charter & Innovation Network School Grant Program

The Charter and Innovation Network School Grant Program, Indiana Code 20-24-13, provides grants to certain charter and innovation network schools. The program is administered by the State Board of Education.

A list of charter schools that are eligible can be found by clicking the Eligiblity by School bulleted item below. The program requires charter schools that are not automatically eligible to file an application for review.  Applications must be received by the State Board of Education by September 1, 2017 before midnight to be considered.

The grant appropriation does not allow for augmentation, so there is a chance the second disbursement will be reduced on a pro rata basis.

Please send applications and questions regarding the Grant Program to​.

NOTE:  The Total Amount column to the far right of the Eligiblity by School table is based on estimated ADM counts.  The actual total amount received will be $500 times the fall ADM count.