Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) General Rate Case

The OUCC, Indiana Michigan Power (I&M), and numerous additional parties have reached a settlement agreement in the utility's rate case, which is now pending before the IURC. For more details, please see the OUCC's February 14, 2018 news release. Settling parties, including the OUCC, have also filed testimony in support of the agreement.

All publicly filed documents in the case are available by visiting the IURC website and entering Cause Number 44967.

Among the case's previous steps:

  • I&M requested a $263 million increase in July 2017, with a monthly residential electric bill for 1,000 kWh to rise from $125.88 to $151.16.
  • The OUCC issued a September 12, 2017 news release to invite consumer comments. The IURC held October public field hearings in South Bend, Fort Wayne, and Muncie.
  • In its November 2017 testimony, the OUCC recommended limiting the increase to about $125 million. Details are included in the agency's November 8, 2017 news release.
  • On January 10, 2018, I&M filed updated exhibits reducing the requested increase to $191.5 million, reflecting changes under the federal Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA). The modified request would have set a residential bill for 1,000 kWh at $142.52.

For more information on the rate case process, please see our infographic and our Speaking Out on Pending Cases fact sheet.

This page will be updated based on additional case developments.