AOPA Committee

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The AOPA Committee met on May 16, 2017 at 8:30 a.m., EDT (7:30 a.m., CDT) at the Fort Harrison State Park, Garrison, 6002 North Post Road, Ballroom, Indianapolis, Indiana.  The next meeting of the AOPA Committee has not yet been scheduled.    



The Commission's "Administrative Orders and Procedures Act" or "AOPA" Committee acts upon matters arising after the completion of adjudications under IC 4-21.5. Most prominently, the AOPA Committee reviews "objections" filed by a party to the findings of fact, conclusions of law, and nonfinal order of an Administrative Law Judge. Other issues may be considered, including where multiple agencies have authority over a subject, and the modification of final orders. The AOPA Committee also provides guidance to the Division of Hearings concerning its responsibilities under IC 4-21.5 and 312 IAC 3-1.

The AOPA Committee is authorized and governed by 312 IAC 3-1-12. The Commission approved INFORMATION BULLETIN #42 to help guide and communicate o the public how the AOPA Committee functions.

AOPA Committee Members:
Jane Ann Stautz, Chair, Citizen Member
Jennifer Jansen, Proxy for INDOT Commissioner
R. T. Green, Citizen Member

When the AOPA Committee renders final decision, the decision is routinely included in CADDNAR. The official record of the AOPA Committee meetings is its minutes.

Past Meeting Minutes


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