Under the authority vested in this Court to provide by rule for the procedure employed in all courts of this state and this Court's inherent authority to supervise the administrative procedures of all courts of this state, Administrative Rule 8 is amended to read as follows (deletions shown by
striking and new text shown by underlining                                                  ):


(A ) Application.
All trial courts in the State of Indiana shall use the uniform case
numbering system as set forth under this rule.      (B) Numbering System. The uniform case numbering system shall consist of four groups of characters arranged in a manner to identify the court, the year/month of filing, the case type and the filing sequence. The following is an example of the case number to be employed:
        (1) Court Identifier. The first group of five characters shall constitute the county and court identifier. The first and second character in this group shall represent the county of filing employing the following code:
01 Adams County    
02 Allen County
. . .    
The third character in the first group shall represent the court of filing employing the following code:
    C    Circuit Court
    D    Superior Court
    E    County Court
    F    Superior Municipal Division
    G    Superior Court/Criminal Division
    H    City Court
    I    Town Court
    J    Probate Court
    K    Township Small Claims Court

The last two characters of the first group shall distinguish between courts in counties having more than one court of a specific type. The following code sets forth the county and court identifier for all courts:

01C01    Adams Circuit Court
01D01    Adams Superior Court
. . .
02D09    Allen Superior Court
03C01    Bartholomew Circuit Court
. . .
10C01    Clark Circuit Court
. . .
17C01    DeKalb Circuit Court
17D01    DeKalb Superior Court
17H01    DeKalb/Butler City Court
18C01    Delaware Circuit Court
. . .    
20D04    Elkhart Superior Court 4 [Goshen]
20D05    Elkhart Superior Court 5 [Elkhart]
. . .
29C01     Hamilton Circuit Court
. . .
29D04    Hamilton Superior Court 4
29D05    Hamilton Superior Court 5
. . .
32I02    Hendricks/Brownsburg Town Court
. . .
37C01    Jasper Circuit Court
37D01    Jasper Superior Court
37D02    Jasper Superior Court 2 (abolished)
37I01    Jasper/DeMotte Town Court
. . .
39E01    Jefferson County Court (abolished)

40C01    Jennings Circuit Court
40D01    Jennings Superior Court
40H01    Jennings/North Vernon City Court (abolished)
. . .
41D02    Johnson Superior Court 2
41D03    Johnson Superior Court 3
41H01    Johnson/Franklin City Court
41H02    Johnson/Greenwood City Court
. . .
43D01     Kosciusko Superior Court 1
43D02    Kosciusko Superior Court 2
43D03    Kosciusko Superior Court 3
. .
45C01    Lake Circuit Court
45D01    Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 1
45D02    Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 2
45D03    Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 3
45D04    Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 4
45D05    Lake Superior Court, Civil Division 5
. . .
49C01     Marion Circuit Court
49D01    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 1
49D02    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 2
49D03    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 3
49D04    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 4
49D05    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 5
49D06    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 6
49D07    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 7
49D08     Marion Superior Court, Probate Division
49D09    Marion Superior Court, Juvenile Division
49D10    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 10
49D11    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 11
49D12    Marion Superior Court, Civil Division 12
49D13    Marion Superi or Court, Civil Division 13
49F07    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 7
49F08    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 8
49F09    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 9
49F10    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 10
49F11    Initial Hearing Court
49F12    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 12
49F13    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 13
49F14    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 14
49F15    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 15
49F16    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 16
49F17    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 17
49F18    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 18
49F19    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 19
49G01    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 1
49G02    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 2
49G03    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 3
49G04    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 4
49G05    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 5
49G06    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 6
49G20    Marion Superior Court, Criminal Division 20
49K01    Marion County Small Claims Court, Center Division
49K02    Marion County Small Claims Court, Decatur Division
49K03    Marion County Small Claims Court, Lawrence Division
49K04    Marion County Small Claims Court, Perry Division
49K05    Marion County Small Claims Court, Pike Division
49K06    Marion County Small Claims Court, Warren Division
49K07    Marion County Small Claims Court, Washington Division
49K08    Marion County Small Claims Court, Wayne Division
49K09    Marion County Small Claims Court, Franklin Township
50C01    Marshall Circuit Court
. . .
50E01    Marshall County Court (abolished)
50H01    Marshall/Plymouth City Court
50I01    Marshall/Argos Town Court (abolished)
. . .
57D01    Noble Superior Court 1
57D02    Noble Superior Court 2 7/1/1999
57E01    Noble County Court (to be abolished) 7/1/1999
. . .
62H01    Perry/Cannelton Town Court (abolished)
62H02    Perry/Tell City Town Court
63C01    Pike Circuit Court
63H01    Pike/Petersburg City Court (abolished)
. . .
64D04    Porter Superior Court 4
64D06    Porter Superior Court 6
64E01    Porter County Court (abolished)
. . .
67C01    Putnam Circuit Court
67D01    Putnam Superior Court
67E01    Putnam County Court (abolished)
. . .
69C01    Ripley Circuit Court
69D01    Ripley Superior Court
. . .
79C01    Tippecanoe Circuit Court
. . .
79D03    Tippecanoe Superior Court 3
79E01    Tippecanoe County Court 1
79E02    Tippecanoe County Court 2

. . .

    These amendments shall be effective immediately.
    The Clerk of this Court is directed to forward a copy of this order to the Clerk of each Circuit Court in the State of Indiana; Attorney General of Indiana; Legislative Services Agency; Office of Code Revision, Legislative Services Agency; Administrator, Supreme Court of Indiana; Administrator, Indiana Court of Appeals; Administrator, Indiana Tax Court; Public Defender of Indiana; Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission; Indiana Supreme Court Commission on Continuing Legal Education; Indiana Board of Law Examiners; Indiana Judicial Center; Division of State Court Administration; the libraries of all law schools in the state; The Michie Company; and West Publishing Company.
    West Publishing Company is directed to publish this order in the advance sheets of this Court.
    The Clerks of the Circuit Courts are directed to bring this order to the attention of all judges within their respective counties and to post this order for examination by the Bar and general public.
    DONE at Indianapolis, Indiana, this _____ day of June, 1999.
                            FOR THE COURT
                            Randall T. Shepard
                            Chief Justice of Indiana

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